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3 Idiots (2009)
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I Laughed! I Cried! And I'm giving this a 10!, 7 March 2013

When I was looking through IMDb's Top 250 movie list and saw a movie called "3 Idiots", I was surprised. Why would a movie with such a bad title be voted so highly? I went in thinking this would be India's version of Animal House or American Pie. But after watching the film, I was in love! It is so much more than the usual college story of young guys getting drunk, flunking classes, and getting back at their superiors. It is an extremely well-made film about doing what you love and facing your fears. The acting is incredible by the ensemble cast. The script is funny and poignant at the same time. Even the scenery is breathtaking. Although the length of the film is pretty long and has some quirky musical numbers, 3 Idiots is a delight. It is worth the watch!

The Master (2012)
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Great Performances...Pretentious script, 7 February 2013

Just finished watching The Master and I have to say I'm disappointed. I rated it a 5/10 because I thought the performances were excellent. I do think Hoffman deserves to win Best Supporting Actor and Phoenix is now my choice for Best Actor. Amy Adams, although not given much to do, is very good in her supporting role. The cinematography was also impressive. With that said, I found the script shallow and pointless. I am one of those who ask "what was the point?". As some have been mentioning, there was NO explanation as to why Master and Freddie needed each other. Sure, some are giving cockamamie, pseudo-intellectual explanations as to why but it really wasn't shown in the movie itself. At first, I thought Master needed Freddie to get rid of or beat up non-believers or people who were against The Cause but that didn't seem to be the case. Master just inexplicably wanted to "reform" Freddie and it was never shown why. On top of everything else, it was just a lifeless story of a disturbed man taken in by a cult leader with no payoff or anything remotely exciting happening.

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The Good And The Bad On Leon, 22 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For every good thing about Leon: The Professional, there is an equal and opposite item that just blows it.

The good news is that Leon makes for an entertaining viewing experience. Portman and Reno give really good performances, the movie is well-photographed, and the action scenes are great.

The bad news is that some of the intended humor does not work at all, such as when Mathilda tells a hotel manager that Leon is her lover. Furthermore, Oldman's character is more of a caricature than a character. It's hard to believe Stansfield, a man with clear psychotic behavior, would hold such an important position in the DEA. One also has to wonder if every cop in NYC is as corrupt as Stansfield when a slew of them help him burst into an apartment, kill everyone in sight, including a 4 year-old child, all without raising any red flags. But the hardest thing to believe was how Mathilda's father, knowing what was coming, would not have had his entire family out of that apartment by noon. It seems director Luc Besson thinks it's okay to defy all logic for the sake of a plot point.

Big Fish (2003)
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Something Smells Kinda Fishy!, 14 June 2007

Let me start by saying that Tim Burton will always be a great artistic director/production designer. His movies will always carry that weird, offbeat imagery which will please fans to no end. Unfortunately, he will always be at fault for choosing such weak scripts for his projects. John August's run-of-the-mill script for Big Fish leaves much to be desired because of the shallow storytelling and flimsy characterization. Most of the characters involved are either too flat, or too deliberately odd, for the viewer to relate to. Big Fish introduces us to Ed Bloom, a man who tells some unbelievably amazing stories. But these episodic stories didn't seem to have any point other than just to flaunt Burton's visual style and twisted imagination. I failed to see young and old Bloom as inspirational or even likable, rather he came off as annoying. Old Bloom droned on for hours, talking nonsense. Young Bloom was a self-centered dolt, who always got what he wanted. His son, Will, had all the reason to resent his father, but even he came off as a jerk at times. On the bright side, the movie delivers good results in the acting department, although McGregor's southern accent isn't quite convincing. All in all, an unsatisfactory effort.

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The Big Dud, 4 June 2007

I just had the unfortunate experience of watching The Big Lebowski for the first time. All I can say is that I'm amazed at its popularity. It's hard to comprehend people actually like this overrated dud and claim it's funny and entertaining. As if the muddled and overloaded script and plot weren't enough, the characters aren't the least bit interesting to watch. Jeff Bridges' character is an unemployed loser, and for that reason alone, we're suppose to think he's "really cool". I bet slacker misfits must be the only ones who could identify with such character. Moreover, John Goodman's character is downright obnoxious. Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, and John Turturro are wasted in nonsensical roles. Plus, the laughs are few and far between. The cliff scene when John Goodman scatters Steve Buscemi's ashes but the wind blows them on to Jeff Bridges' face, is probably the funniest bit in the whole movie. Everything else seems forced. The music is forgettable and if you want a better display of Roger Deakins' cinematography, I suggest you see a better Coen brothers' film - O Brother, Where Art Thou? To think this film came from the same people who brought us Fargo and Blood Simple.

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A Love Worth Remembering, 28 May 2007

Joel Barish (Jim Carrey) has just discovered his girlfriend Clementine (Kate Winslet) went to some company to have her memory of him erased. He's so devastated that he goes to that very company to have the same procedure done. During the process of erasing his memories of her, he realizes he still loves her and tries to stop the procedure.

Jim Carrey, playing against type, gives his best performance to date. He shows his funny side but proves he can also be a good dramatic actor. Kate Winslet is nothing short of wonderful. She glows as the eccentric Clementine. The supporting actors all do very well, even when they're given little to do. The script by Kaufman is second to none. He pens a classic and beautiful love story in the most original and interesting way. No wonder he got the Oscar. Michel Gondry's direction is weird, to say the least, but it is imaginative and inventive.

I think the message of this film is that no matter how many faults your partner may have, you can't help but love them for who they are. It's a message mostly everyone can relate to. And the actors and filmmakers make it memorable along the way. Satisfyingly Sweet!

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Dream Turns To Nightmare!, 27 May 2007

Requiem for a Dream marks my first Darren Aronofsky film to date. In short, I am disappointed and has given me a bad first impression of the director. This overwrought public service announcement follows the lives of four people suffering the consequences of drug addiction. An interesting subject treated with the utmost superficiality. My major issue is with the script. It doesn't seem to be doing much except saying "look how bad drugs are". There's no deep or profound meaning on the subject matter and doesn't leave much for interpretation. Furthermore, I could not manage to muster an ounce of sympathy for any of the characters. The script simply lacked any real depth to make them remotely interesting or relatable. We basically just watch all of them crash and burn. It might be visually interesting but we never get to emotionally connect with any character. There's also Aronofsky's visual techniques which are quite striking at first, but after a while they get tiresome. The four principal actors do well enough given what they have to work with. Ellen Burstyn is most notable for her Oscar-nominated performance. But not even a good performance can redeem this relentlessly pretentious film. A Let Down!

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An Adrenaline Rush, 7 May 2007

On the front cover of the DVD, Roger Ebert proclaims City of God is: One of the Best Films You'll Ever See! I don't agree with some of his reviews but man, was he right on this one! It blew me away! It is an amazing true story of a young Brazilian man living in the slums of the City of God and who dreams of becoming a photographer. The camera not only keeps him in the slums but also serves as a way out. The story is told through his eyes and in the process we're introduced to some of the most interesting and complex heroes and villains to ever appear on screen. It is a tour-de-force production that has merit in many areas. From the vast array of amateur actors who did a splendid job realizing each character with raw energy to the ultra-kinetic editing and camera movement. This type of frantic editing actually contributed greatly to the effectiveness of the film. Despite some dark and even disturbing moments, director Fernando Meirelles brilliantly puts it all together. It's fast-paced, realistic, and superbly written. Without any doubt, City of God is one of the greatest foreign films ever made.

25th Hour (2002)
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Deserves its own bathroom rant!, 4 May 2007

About 40 minutes into 25th Hour, I looked at the clock and asked myself, "Where is this movie going?" It left me wondering what direction the movie was taking.

Edward Norton (excellent as always) plays Monty, an ex-drug dealer about to serve time in the pen. The film chronicles his last day of freedom as he spends time with his loved ones. The acting was actually pretty good but some story elements should have been left in the cutting room floor.

To begin with, the story meanders for quite sometime. It takes too long to introduce the characters. Barry Pepper's introduction scene at work, for instance, took away from the gist of Monty's story. So did an incongruous subplot involving Philip Seymour Hoffman and Anna Paquin. Spike Lee also tried to incorporate 9/11 images into the narrative. What was probably meant as tribute came off as wasted and mishandled opportunity. And the question of who ratted Monty out to the DEA agents was not a burning issue even though it seems it should have been. It is not Lee's fault so much as the silliness of the script.

My verdict: Uneven film that overstays its welcome at a running time of 135 minutes.

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One Great Short, 23 April 2007

One Man Band is simply one of the best shorts ever produced. The minute I saw it I was enchanted and knew I had found my favorite Pixar short to date. Pixar's meticulous attention to detail is conveyed in the brilliance of the story and the craftsmanship of the animation. The short plays like a silent film. No dialogue. Just pantomime. It tells the story of two street musicians trying to compete for the gold coin of a young peasant girl who just wants to cast it in the town square's wish fountain. A simple story told with lots of wit and humor. Plus, there's a twist. It doesn't end the way you think it will. As always, the animation is spot-on and very impressive. The character designs are so cute and appealing. The sound quality is top notch. And the surrounding Renaissance world is a feast of warm colors and visual beauty. It's funny, original, and clever. Proves the simplest ideas are often the best. If I have one complaint about One Man Band is that it isn't longer in length. I was hoping for more! Great addition to the Cars DVD!

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