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Banyon (1971–1973)
A Nice Period Piece. Good Nostalgia!
11 January 2006
I loved this series when it was running during 1972-73. My father was also a big fan because it was set in the late 1930s when he had been in college. We used to get together and watch it as a weekly ritual. Although the show captured the flavor of the period in look and dialog for the most part, my father would always spot the occasional historical inaccuracies. He should have been the technical consultant! Anyway,Robert Forster was excellent as the "new" John Garfield and a good supporting cast and good guest stars always made it fun to watch. A made-for-TV movie that aired in 1971 (an obvious pilot) also starred Forster along with Jose Ferrer, Darren McGavin and Hermoine Gingold and is also worth watching. I would love to see the shows again after all these years. Too bad they were never really re-run.
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