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Let's Just Say It., 23 July 2012

I don't throw out 10 out of 10 ratings everyday. For me this was the perfect Batman experience. I think Nolan easily stands alone in his interpretation of the character. In this 3rd and so called "Final" installment, he once again outdoes himself.

As previously stated in earlier reviews, everything is explored to a satisfying resolution. I've never watched a 2 hour and 41 minute film with better pacing. The music, casting and performances were just flawless.

The hint at a possible Robin spin off was handled so tastefully, it actually makes me think that a "DARK" version of Robin could follow up the trilogy with a film that doesn't smack of "Cash Grab." I cannot recommend this film more highly. Brilliant all around and my favorite of the Nolan Batman pictures by a mile.

Piranha 3D (2010)
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Finally, A Remake Done Well., 20 August 2010

Like others who've reviewed this film, I too had low expectations but was pleasantly surprised. The action was fast paced, the acting was suitable and propped up a few standout actors. The cinematography mess well with the subject matter. It was at times really in your face but without the god awful shaky cam effect that has been so popular in recent cinema.

I say as far as fun Summer horror fare employing the so overplayed 3D gimmick, Piranha 3D goes down as an instant classic. Most fun I've had in a theater this summer and some of the best looking creature oriented 3D I've ever seen. Go see this film now!

Serviceable Werewolf Film with some great locations, 11 August 2010

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The FX and acting are baaaad, except for the head shot which was quite good.. I'd have to agree with others reviews in saying that the film does have a certain charm. If you are a fan of Cooper or Werewolf films you may find this to your liking. It does put a unique spin on Werewolf mythos but doesn't really flesh it out all that much. There are two decent actors in the film and the rest are pretty untalented to be honest.

The Spanish mansion in this movie stuck in my head since I saw it in the 80's so there was that one element which was truly creepy and iconic. I say give it a shot and enjoy how pathetic this film really is. It's still a novelty.

Meat Market (2000) (V)
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Not So Hot, 19 February 2010

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OK, let's be objective here people. This isn't a good film, but it's not a complete waste of time for the serious zombie fan. Hey, if you didn't miss it in fast forward they do have at least one naked chic, sporting tattoos and a choker no less, so come on. The story makes absolutely no sense and as has been previously pointed out there seems to be no cohesive script guiding the way. Ah, wait a minute, 2 naked chicks making out if you're into that sort of thing.

The film is very ambitious at least and appears to be a work of passion. The gore though poorly executed is somewhat passable in places. They had some decent locations to shoot in and those take lots of work to arrange so I'll give the film makers points for that.

It does suck but seems sincere enough that I'll check out the sequel on Netflix.

The Thaw (2009)
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What's not to like here? I really enjoyed this film., 3 November 2009

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Wow. The feedback on this film reminds me of just how much horror fans really do love to bitch. If you liked the The Thing, Slither or ecological horror films in general, you're going to like this one. It really is as simple as that.

I really don't get all the hate on Kilmer for taking this particular role. Yeah, it's not Tombstone, but did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps he liked the script or the subject matter. He did an excellent job here as per usual and his name no doubt help to elevate the film.

Really cool script. Solid casting and good performances all around. Standout CGI and cinematography with a really cool twist at the end. What's not to like here? I really enjoyed this film.

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An Excellent film!, 23 February 2009

While it stung to get beat out in the American Zombie Short film contest with George Romero in attendance (Our film "Devil Comes Down" was also a finalist), I have to hand it to Robert and crew. This film was really very professionally done. The acting was top shelf in my opinion and the story was very clever.

The costumes and police cars etc just took the production to a level that the other films couldn't achieve. It appeared as though the whole neighborhood has turned out in force as the undead.

I especially liked the little clues of Sarah's dementia with the sky replacement and red grading of the outdoor sequences. Nice touch there. Just a really enjoyable short film.

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No Diary of the Dead, 19 November 2008

Well, the first half of this film in my view was pretty sad. The acting seemed wooden and much of the character dialog seemed much too combative too early. About 2/3s of the way through something happened. The actors seemed to find their range or perhaps the more extreme circumstances were easier to inspire them. In any case it got quite creepy and scary and really took a page from the Romero manual IMHO. The moral of the story? Humans are the worst monsters of all. So true.

This film is no "Diary of The Dead" though it tries very hard to reach that lofty goal. It's worth a watch if you are a fan of the genre. I have to respect where this film is trying to go so I don't want to completely shoot it down. It just fell short of my expectations for it.