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Worthwhile, 5 December 2005

Even though I think the plot is not half as complex as Lolita, this movie is definitely worth purchasing for several reasons: 1. The faded and run-down scenery: a New Orleans brothel that has had better times - and that was long ago. To me, the story itself being set in 1917, the declining house somehow symbolizes the Great War (1914-1918). 2. The cute Southern accent. 3. The fabulous music (Keith Carradine is a very very lucky fellow. He always gets to play in movies that are enhanced by wonderful music, such as Southern Comfort and The Diamond of Jeru). 4. Watch Keith Carradine wearing pajamas! Totally cute and dorky!! I laughed my head off!

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Mediocre, 17 November 2005

The movie would be a total waste of time if it had not been for the perfect acting performance given by Zane and Carradine. The latter indisputably has the talent to appear in a successful way in any movie, and apart from that, The Diamond of Jeru does show how incredibly beautiful he is now. Zane is very handsome as well, particularly since he shaved his head bald shortly after the shooting of this movie, which, in my opinion, killed his good looks altogether. The movie on DVD should be purchased by all hardcore Carradine fans - even the smart clothing he wears makes it worthwhile, but to all of you looking for a breath-taking experience - you'd better stick to the good old Indiana Jones tapes or just watch Ren and Stimpy on cable TV.