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One of the BEST film in a long time., 20 August 2007

I shan't be duplicitous and rehash the plot of the film. Suffice it to say that to MY mind, this film is an excellent character study of the human species. We all present our "public face" to the world, as did the townspeople of Little Tall Island, however it is our private, behind our locked doors and drawn shades, persona that defines the REAL individual. Mr. Linoge, far from being Satan appears more likely to be the "Avenging Angel" of the Book of Revelation who it is said, shall purge the earth of those who sin. I agree with an earlier reviewer's premise that Linoge had no evil intent toward anyone especially the children since the soul of a child is considered to the the purest of all. Many will say that since Linoge killed many he IS evil but again I refer to the Bible when I say that the fate of many at the Judgement will be DEATH. To declare Linoge evil is to declare God the same. If you have NOT seen this movie by all means DO. If nothing else it will make you think about humanity and our rather questionable behavior.

Scum (1979)
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Spot On!!, 21 September 2006

As a resident of the United States who has worked in this country's "enlightened" prison systems, both juvenile and adult, I must say that the depiction of life in the boy's school is as realistic as it can be.

Prisons do not work. So called "reformation" is basically limited to repetitious mind numbing labor that is, for the most part, useful to the institution since they often sub-contract inmates work in the "industries" section to outside firms, mostly government related.

There is nothing about SCUM that I saw as exaggerated or unrealistic. The institutions I have worked at were filled with under educated guards who enjoyed their so-called authority over their charges. Many were in collusion with the "powerful" inmates and often victimized the weaker inmates by celling them with people who were seeking a "wife". This was done by the guards in order to pacify the violent inmates and help maintain calm in the cell block.

But, as to this film, I can only say that it is realistic, brutal and direct but then so is prison. No one is sent to prison to change or reform, they are sent there to be punished and the internal workings of the system are far more brutal than anything a court will dispense.

One line from the film that encapsulates the entire process of "penology" is uttered by the character named Archer when he tells the guard he is talking with that it has been his observation that more crimes are committed against the inmates than they have collectively committed against society. THAT should have been the advert tag line for this excellent and most enjoyable video.

The character DAVIS just epitomized the suffering of every slight, passive inmate in any prison or jail in any part of the world. His sense of desolation after he was raped by the thugs in the greenhouse spoke volumes about the sadistic and ignorant nature of both the inmates that perpetrated this act and the cowardly "guard" who witnessed it and did nothing.

Knowing that as I write these words, there are many DAVIS types in prisons everywhere gives one cause to reflect on the very nature of so-called humanity.


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Excellent treatment of a very real subject, 14 September 2006

YOU ARE NOT ALONE is an excellent handling of a situation which exists in every culture on the planet. Pre and Adolescent boys develop "crushes" on one another as naturally as they breathe. In the United States, a so-called "open" society, this subject is not only taboo but handled with the vigor and hatred that marked the Salem witch trials of the 1600's.

In this film, Bo and Kim, obviously care about one another in a loving way. The presentation of their affection is handled with sensitivity and taste. The only scene that might cause people to feel a bit uneasy is when one of the boys from the school is seduced by a female teacher in a secluded area of the school. Although the scene is heterosexual it brings to mind the case of teachers in the US who have had sexual relations with their adolescent charges.

Sexual experimentation among peers is normal and, to my mind acceptable. Sex between adults and minors is not, simply because the "playing field" is not level. The adult can and usually does, lead the child to fulfill the adults sexual desire, leaving the child feeling cheap. dirty and defiled. As a cross reference of this point I suggest one views the excellent film entitled: RETURN TO INNOCENCE.

Not to belabor the point, this film, YOU ARE NOT ALONE is a landmark production and presents the subject tastefully and frankly.

Update on Mary Poppins with a twist, 24 May 2006

This film is fantastic. It is a modern day Mary Poppins in that the unsolicited nanny turns up at the most opportune moment to set things right in a rather upended household. The stereotypical bumbling father of seven (widowed, of course) is a bit over the top in his total surrender to the antics of his brood of semi-maniacal children who run other Nannys out of the house and pretty much rule the roost.

When the rather unpleasant looking Nanny McPhee arrives on the scene there is the inevitable battle of wills with the children led by the rather sinister Simon. Nanny, since she has magic on her side, soon lets the children know that THEY are responsible for whatever happens to them and what does happen to them is a direct result of THEIR choices.

As each negative situation is resolved one or other of Nanny's "deformaties" vanishes from her face and as she becomes more pleasant in appearance there is a corresponding shift in the pleasantness of the children's behaviour.

In brief the film teaches as well as entertains. Children of ages nine and above will see, clearly, that THEY alone are responsible for the choices they make in ANY given situation and that to THINK before they act will assure more tolerable results.

The film is entertaining, funny and a bit more of a moral lesson than one got from Mary Poppins.

Gather your brood, put on the DVD and spend a most enjoyable evening with Nanny McPhee!

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Heartbreaking yet necessary, 15 May 2006

This excellent documentary details the plight of children who are born into adverse conditions and are treated little better than animals by their so-called family. The hopelessness of their situation is reflected in their eyes and their demeanor of despair at their day to day situation.

When the children are exposed to the opportunity to record their impressions of life on film, they open up, at first hesitantly, to the chance to show others how life appears to them. Because of caring and confidence building, the children achieve great things YET, because of their families and the superstitions reinforced by ignorance, the bright spark that was initially ignited is sadly, for all but one or two of the children, extinguished and their return to the brothels, neglect and squalor of Calcutta and a future of abuse, neglect, crime and hopelessness is virtually assured.

This film is a call to action. We can not all dash to Calcutta to rescue the children but it is a call to look in our own areas and do something to rescue the lost children of this world. If each of us would mentor or care for one of these souls, the problem would be well on the way to eradication. KUDOS to the film makers and the dedicated people who gave more than their all for these precious children.

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Compassionate and Moving, 21 April 2006

This movie shows the depth of understanding possible for anyone but especially an adolescent male (Alan) when he has time and personal input upon which to reflect the plight and life of another.

In the beginning Alan is a typical young man of the 1940's and as he becomes involved with Naomi, albeit reluctantly at first, he changes his attitude toward a more compassionate and feeling understanding of this unfortunate girl.

The final scene on the hospital grounds when they sit on the bench and lean against one another speaks volumes about bonding, caring and spiritual and emotional love that only comes from true empathy.

A classic film, rife with emotion and a story that will endure.

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A most useful presentation of an age old condition., 10 April 2006

This documentary is a classic and should be required viewing for every young boy world wide as soon as they enter puberty.

The reality of our world is that men will seek sexual contact with young boys for a myriad of reasons, many, known only to themselves.

The boys are the ones that need protection, NOT from the men but from their own ignorance. To decide to sell sexual services to a man is a decision that a boy makes in full conscience. The boy is NOT a victim as these situations depicted in the documentary are of young men who KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY make themselves available to be sexual objects in exchange for money.

One could prattle on about the social reasons that drive a boy to believe that his situation is hopeless and all he can do is barter his body parts for money, yet the REAL issue at hand is the naieve and almost innocent ignorance many of the boys, especially the youngest of them, display as to the reality of their situation.

One said, "I am worried about aids but if the customer insists on anal sex without a condom, I must do it, we are talking money here." Clearly, this young lad has not a clue as to his right to INSIST that the customer use a condom OR the deal is off.

Not to beat a dead horse, I must say that this is an excellent film, well put together and it strips the veil of "secrecy" away from the subject matter, a veil that, at least in the United States, is held in place by the majority of the people in denial about the REALITIES of male prostitution amongst the adolescent population.

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Excellent and a great teacher of values!!, 7 April 2006

This movie is superb! The messages that it delivers are moral, timely and most certainly of a strong Christian value. C.S.Lewis was an apologist for the Catholic faith and his story is filled with Christian symbolism especially the scene where Aslan is persecuted and humiliated by the minions of the White Witch and finally executed by her.

What more of a parallel can be drawn to the Passion of the Christ and his execution? When the stone table breaks that is the symbolism reflecting the destruction of the Temple at Christ's death and it goes without saying that Aslan's "rebirth is the Resurrection of Jesus all over again.

Peter's reluctant heroism is a message to us all. Hold fast to the truth regardless of the popular train of thought and fight for what you believe to be right with every ounce of your conviction.

Edmond's greed and his manipulation by the White Witch shows us that when we seek after personal satisfaction and gain, there is always a hidden price involved that we, unfortunately, discover far too late.

This movie has stunning visual effects and is suitable for young children BUT I feel it is important that a parent watch it with the child(ren) and take time to explain the parallels between the scenes and their moral equivalent.

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Faith of My Fathers, 31 March 2006

This movie appeals to those viewers who are either military or related to a military member.

It is a story of what people endure at the hands of the enemy, regardless who that enemy is (reverse roles and you have the Iraqi prison scandal).

War is not sterile or "cool." The anger, frustration and hopelessness of those involved in its day to day actions is well expressed in this film. One commentator found fault with the Admiral's (Glenn's father) lack of emotion. As a seasoned military man, emotions are things which the professional soldier puts on hold until the issue at hand is resolved.

This story is NOT a warm and fuzzy. McCain endured for years what most people in the US could not endure for one week. We are quick to jump on the depiction of the events and criticize the story but those of us who HAVE served this country in times of conflict can only say that were the shoe on MY foot, would I have the temerity and fortitude to endure this torment? McCain, unlike the present Commander-In-Chief, IS a war hero and this film does justice to him, the US Military and the Code of Honor that upholds our military traditions.

Goblet of Fire SUPERIOR!!, 13 March 2006

This film is presented well and is filled with spectacular special effects. One person posted a comment that she was disappointed about the bathtub scene when Moaining Myrtle joined Harry in the tub. While that was NOT in the book one must remember that movies are BASED UPON a story or novel and that while the premise of the story stays the same, a director has a certain amount of liberty that he/she can take to make the story more appealing on a visual level.

If one is not thrilled that a film does not follow the book to the letter, then it is best to read the book and create your own image of the scene in your mind.

To me, this movie is the best so far as for visual effects but I think of the series, to date, the Prisoner if Azkaban was the best all around film adaptation of the book.

All the performers are excellent, Radcliff, Grint, and Watson put 100% forth and the adult cast are always superior especially Maggie Smith (Prof. McGonnagle) Enjoy these films and don't nit-pick the details. After all how well could YOU do if asked to direct the next film?