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The cursed Captain's ghost meander around looking for redemption!, 11 June 2011

Disney have a great share of making joyous movies for a long time, every little movie they make shares laugh over my face, and BlackBeard's Ghost is no exception too. The movie with all its dainties is an awesome treat to watch. Actually I wasn't a kid when I first saw this movie in fact I was in late twenties and I enjoyed that movie a lot. There are many pirate movies but the way Peter Ustinov played Captain BlackBeard was not just hilarious; it was utter treat to watch him playing treacherous captain gone good. The movie is very funny and I love it any time I watch it. The movie is highly recommended for those who wanna have nostalgic attack!

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Lunacy runs in the family,,,,,,,,,,, 11 December 2010

Well it's quite true that they don't make the movies the way they use to.30 and 40's was defining era for comedies and movies made in those years don't have any par nowadays. Frank Capra was master when it come to make comedies. Arsenic and Old Lace is one of the most entertaining movie in his credit. The movie is about drama critic who goes against his convictions about matrimony and marries the girl he loves and on the way to his honeymoon he finds out that his two adorable aunts are insane murders who likes to kill old pathetic loner and bury them in their cellar.

Though the start is bit a slow but after some while the movie takes a roller coaster ride. Often movies revolves around one or two characters but in this movie every character is unique and has its own domain; whether it's mentally delusional Teddy Roosevelt (John Alexander), who in my opinion was the brightest and most funniest impersonation ever done on cinema or whether its Jonathan Brewster (Raymond Massey), maniacal murderer who with the help of his friend Dr. Einstein (played superbly by Peter Lorre) gets a new face resembling Boris Karloff, every one was hilarious in the movie. In my opinion one who loves pure comedy won't regret seeing this masterpiece.

Inception (2010)
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An idea can define you or destroy you !, 11 December 2010

The most important thing I adore about Hollywood movies is that they never die out of ideas. Inception is no exception; the concept presented in inception is very unique and refreshing. And it's not only the idea but how Christopher Nolan has presented it was epitome of direction. Though the story is very complicated and everything is happening in hustle and bustle but still you are glued to your seats. The way movie unrolls it self is immaculate work of A class director. All the cast did justice to their roles. Leonardo DiCaprio was very convincing as guilty stricken husband and desperate father to meet his children again. I had never doubted the capabilities of Leonardo and he didn't disappoint me. Oscar veteran Marion Cotillard was very promising as perplexed wife who was the first victim of inception. I think inception is one of the finest works by Nolan till now.

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Murders happen when you don't promote someone deserving., 22 October 2010

Micheal Caine is one of my favorite actor, and its very seldom when he don't do the justice to the role he plays. This movie is no exception. Anyone who had or is been working for corporate business can understand the dirty politics and immoral working ethics, and the depiction of this dilemma in this movie was immaculately pictured. Well the movie goes smoothly, but the only thing which boggles mind is the easy escape provided to Micheal Caine. But overall idea depicts how these corporate firms sucks the all humanly characteristics out and left you with selfish desires. But i don't know why through out the movie all my sympathies were with Caine!

High Noon (1952)
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Redefining the word Classic, probably one of the finest western movie ever made., 2 May 2007

I am not much into Western movies. I was under the impression that western movies are filled with violence, bloodshed and protagonist killing as many as he can, but after seeing this movie I felt a bit embarrassed about my prior perception. This movie is no doubt a class; it's about revenge of a criminal from the person who was behind putting him in the bars. The ex-lawman (Gary Cooper) who is finally settling gets news that his nemesis escapes from the prison, on his wedding day. The worried Gary Cooper tries to gather some resistance but of no avail, he soon realizes that he had to face the music all by himself. The direction by Fred Zinnemann is outstanding and after so many years this movie haven't lost any of its class. Gary Cooper swept another Oscar for best actor. Grace Kelly was also very enchanting as his new wedded wife. Over all, entire movie got everything, it's highly recommended to watch!

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Best imitation of one of the finest work by Jules Verne., 2 May 2007

Well before ditching in this movie I had a glimpse of the book and I feel very delighted about the extraordinary vision of Jules Verne. He had predicted many inventions and innovations before the time, but I felt more delighted after seeing this movie. The true essence of Jules Verne's literal work is flawlessly captured by director Michael Anderson. This movie is true extravaganza with some special acting by veteran actor David Niven. His portrayal of arrogant, time-table stricken rich innovator was immaculate. This movie also has handful of cameos played by great actors like Frank Sinatra and others. Only one thing that can bother viewers is its immense length where some scenes are monotonous and make you feel loitered. Over all it's a great movie and best motional version of Jules Verne's finest work. The movie won five Oscars including best picture of 1956.

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One of the best comedy ever produced by Hollywood…….!, 1 May 2007

It's a true call that they don't make the movies as they used to. There are very less movies coming near to the brilliance of "It Happened One Night". This movie is about a rich brat running from her home to get married with her lover, accompanied with struggling free lancer reporter in her journey. And in the journey they fall for each other. The romance building between two of them is nicely depicted and the blend of Peter Warne (Gables) arrogant personality gives it a nice stir. The story of the movie is very interesting and the comic attribute added by both Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert is sufficed to make anyone laugh. The perfect direction from the master of his domain Frank Capra takes the movie on highest level; because of this it's the first movie to be honored with all major five Oscars (Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Movie, Best Director and Best Screenplay).

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From guilty to no guilty,,,,,,,this movie is true masterpiece., 1 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Some movies are not for certain period of time but are eternal because of there perpetual topic. Murder is one of the oldest crimes in this world but murder of your own father is something astonishing. The movie is about a teenager accused of murdering his own father in an open case where all the indictments and witnesses are against him. The jury is called for verdict, and all of them are unanimously agreed on conviction. But one of the juror thinks to contemplate a bit on witnesses before giving a verdict as a life of teenager is on line, and from there the true brilliance of this movie begins as the way juror # 8 (Henry Fonda) unfolds all the witnesses are based on assumptions and anticipations . The way he demonstrates the happening of incident based on accusation is one of the true essence of this movie and in the end all jurors are convinced that "No guilty" is right verdict to be passed. The way story moves is marvelous ostentation of director Sidney Lumet's true brilliance. The movie is nicely written by Reginald Rose and is beautifully portrayed by all the actors especially Henry Fonda and Lee J Cobbs. This movie is truly a masterpiece and its impression will not be easy to diminish.

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A special movie by the father of special effects!, 22 October 2006

The face of cinema has been changed drastically, and the expectations from the viewers have also been changed. Nowadays we have a bunch of options before choosing a movie, from realistic dinosaurs to computer generated images and from mind throttling actions to terrifying stunts, we have them all but in this era of technology nobody can ignore the true genius of George Melies, as I had seen 'A Trip to The Moon' I was amazed that what he had done in 1902 with all his limitations. The 14 min of this short movie captivates you and the vision of Jules Verne was precisely conveyed. The editing, photography, and special effects created by Melies are immaculate. And the way he showed the landing of a rocket on the moon was very much humorous as the rocket landed on the eye of personified moon and how the native of moon threatened the astronomers to leave. These types of movies are the edifice of today's fantasy movies .In the end it's the best work by Melies and worth a watch

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I could a been a contender. I could've been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am., 13 October 2006

This is the movie which is very close to my heart as I am very much infatuated by Brando's spotless acting and in this movie he has done some legendary work. This is one of the classics which I feel much honored to watch as this movie swiped 8 Oscars including best picture of 1954 and Brando got the golden trophy first time for best actor in leading role. The movie is about a guilty stricken ex boxer (Terry played by Brando) who is involved in the murder of a guy who's sister captivates him and then he redeems that by going against the underworld boss (Johnny by Lee J Cobb) and by doing that he lost his beloved brother Charley (Rod Steiger). This is a highly classed drama in which human emotions are that there very best and some finest work by the entire cast as Eva Marie Saint also got her Oscar for supporting actress in her very first movie.Elia Kazan's direction was also very gripping. This movie is one of the finest produce by Hollywood ever.

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