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The Giant Claw
28 April 2007
Have an open mind and you'll love this movie. I wasn't even close to being alive in the 50's or even 60's so I'm not sure of what kind of technology they had to make movies, but I think this movie did a good job with it.

Yes it's a stick puppet but did they have anything better? At least they made it look good when it was going to eat someone, using the screen and then the guy in the front, then switching so it looks like he's actually getting eaten from afar. Yes the acting isn't the best, but it does the job.

And the science explanation for the bird, I loved that, it made sense if you don't know much about science and it works out. Possibly my favourite part of the movie.

I enjoyed this movie, and if you have an open mind it should be given a chance.
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Absolutely Amazing
25 February 2007
Walking into this movie, like many people didn't have the highest hopes that it would be a good movie, seemed like it would have been an alright waste of two hours. But walking out the movie was amazing.

I loved every aspect of this movie, and ever single moment it was playing, except for the swearing, take away the swearing and the movie in my perspective would be perfect. I'm still pretty young, so this movie made me keep believing that I can accomplish what I want in life, and even if it doesn't work the first time, if I keep going and truly want it I'll be able to obtain it. The movie made you so connected to the Farmer family that you want them to make it and accomplish it, and when ever a problem occurred you felt their pain. Not any movie will do that to you. The comedy they threw in just added to the movie more making you smile more then you already would be, everything was spectacular.

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone with an open mind, and who ever would have a dream of accomplishing something, and to take your kids to, even if you don't mind a few swears here and there.
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children of men
10 January 2007
My expectations for this movie were pretty high, and out of the night, it was probably the movie I was most looking forward to. Disappointingly it didn't deliver as much as I expected.

First up, the plot was interesting, women are infertile so there haven't been any babies born in the past 18 years. But then there is a girl who somehow got pregnant, and they need to get her to the "Human Project" to get her safe and have her baby. Her baby is due in a month as well. The predictability of the plot kind of disappointed me, but I guess they tried.

The acting was, alright. Clive Owen does a great job in it, but I guess I'm just a big fan of his and he hasn't really let me down yet. The camera work was spectacular, the special effects and the setting was also very good. Also the soundtrack they used was also great.

Time to time I got kind of bored, or thought what was going on was stupid and decided to question the movie. But I guess you can do that in any movie. It doesn't bother explaining the reason women are infertile but I guess it's a mystery to the people in the movie as well. Like another post on here said it makes you think a lot about the future, and possibly what might come up.

Overall I don't know if this movie is worth the money, I wish I could tell you to wait or not, but seeing as how I don't pay to see movies, I can't really tell if it would be worth my money.
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Happy Feet (2006)
Happy Feet
13 November 2006
I recently got to watch this movie. I've been counting down to see it for about 80 days or so, I was extremely excited for it, so I came into the movie with high expectations. Did the movie reach my expectations? No. Almost? No not really.

First of all I would like to say I loved the cuteness of this movie. The way the penguins went along with their jokes and looks was adorable. That is the part of the movie I loved and just because of it I will go see it a few more times. Also the animation was beautiful except for in a few spots I could tell they didn't give it their best to make it look as great as they could, but no ones perfect are they?

But now what I didn't like about this movie. The plot was kind of bad. I'm assuming what the producer was trying to do is put as many big names into the movie to try and make us forget about the plot. But if you do pay attention to it, it's not the greatest, it's actually a disappointment.

Next I don't know why but I didn't really like their choices in music. Like in the trailers I thought I would have loved it, I thought it would have been amazing but it also disappointed me. Some of the songs are kind of rusty and not performed as well as I was expecting.

Overall this movie really didn't live up to my expectations for it, but there were some parts I really did enjoy about this movie so I will see it maybe....2 or 3 more times.
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Saw III (2006)
28 October 2006
The third movie in the "Saw" series. We knew it was going to be made and the hype would be high for the movie. I came into this movie with very high expectations seeing how it was rated "R" but then got dropped down to 18a. Since the rating dropped so did my expectations seeming it to be not as good and gory as I first presumed it to be. But I still expected a lot from it.

First of all the plot was pretty nice and interesting. The subplot onto this movie made it better and more thoughtful. The way it was directed was pretty interesting and well done. But I have to say the 'games/traps' were pretty lame. Like in comparison to the last two, these traps were bad, and I was really disappointed in them.

Saw movies, supposed to be filled with gore. The first one held its word, the second one, kind of, the third one, not at all. I was extremely disappointed in the amount of gore or blood was in this movie. There really wasn't that much, I don't see how it could have deserved the "R" rating where I live. There was a bit of blood but nothing that made me go 'wow this is awesome'.

Saw 1 and 2 started off quickly and kept me entertained. Did this one do that? No, not at all. I got extremely bored in this movie, there were large chunks that were boring, nothing happened. The only good parts were the beginning and the end.

In conclusion I was horribly disappointed in this movie, and if I go see it again I will only go to see the beginning and the end, which is the only reason why I gave this movie a 7.
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Little Miss Sunshine
4 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, this movie has been reviewed by many people....Most people have loved it...Why? Because it is an amazing movie. You wouldn't think so, the trailer didn't really make me think about seeing this movie, but peoples words brought it out and has made more and more people watch it and more and more enjoying it.

First of all.....This move was not full of clichés. For example when a guy was standing by a pool you were thinking "don't push him in" and guess what, he didn't push him in. There's other times but I'm just using that for an example.

The plot is simple. A little girl came second in a beauty pageant but the first place girl got disqualified so she becomes first. With that she is allowed to enter another beauty pageant called "Little Miss Sunshine Beauty Pagent" but the the family doesn't have enough money to fly so they have to drive to where it is. So on the way they run into many conflicts and they're all hilarious and great.

This movie was original as well. Most of the jokes or what happens is new and isn't recycled from other movies. The directors and writers for this movie should be proud that what they've done isn't done much these days. To make a great movie that everyone will enjoy and it'll be rare for someone not to like it.

The characters are interesting and each play a valuable role in the movie. You have the crack addicted grandpa, the gay uncle, the mute kid, the happy, optimistic girl, the work-a-holic dad and the mom. Now they use each of these characteristics well into the movie to give out they best jokes and the best situations they can get out of it. Each of the characters had pretty much an equal role in the movie. The way they did it was amazing.

The ending.....just wow. I can bet anyone who watches this movie will not expect the ending to come the way it did. Another good thing about this movie, the unpredictability. When you think something will happen the complete opposite will happen. Simply amazing.

Overall this is one of the best movies I have ever seen and I would definitely recommend you to see this movie even if you think it looks good or not or if someone has said something bad about this movie.
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Step Up (2006)
Step Up
21 August 2006
Some people say they're tired of dancing movies, but not me. If you ignore the fact that there's other dance movies you'll enjoy this one. I guess you can say some of the dance movies are the same but what does that have to do with enjoying the flow of the movie? The story is.....well I guess you can decide on that. A girl needs to have a dance routine to impress spokespeople for dance companies, so she needs to have a good routine to impress the people so she can get a job with one of them instead of going out to college. But her main dance partner hurts himself so who will take her spot? Some punk from another school who got caught vandalizing her school so he has community service at her school. So it ends up that he becomes her new partner and they fall in love but she has a boyfriend so there's conflicts.

The acting in this movie was good and bad. First off all each of the cast acted well. They each pulled their own weight. But but them together and they fall apart. The main two people didn't have chemistry, and you didn't believe that a guy like that could get with a girl like that in that type of scenario.

Now where the movie gets good. The dancing and music. First of all the soundtrack is amazing. I loved every song they had in this movie especially how they took 2 songs and mixed it to make it sound a lot better. Even though other movies have done this before I really enjoyed the music in this movie especially. Now about the dancing. The choreography is really great. The directing of all of it was amazing. You have to give the people who played the kids in this movie kudos for being able to do that. It's amazing what some people can do.

Overall I loved this movie. Yes I am a guy who loved a dancing movie, just to show you how this movie can appeal to everyone. I would really recommend seeing this.
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Pulse (I) (2006)
20 August 2006
Finally an actual horror movie that isn't all blood and guts. The first this year maybe? But anyways I didn't know what to expect from this movie after seeing the previews but I was quite surprised because it delivered.

The plot is.....unique. Someone let out a virus where the dead will come out of anything that has any sort of communication waves. Phones, Computers, etc. So many of the people get taken over by this virus until one of the main characters boyfriend who committed suicide's computer was found and inside of the casing was a hidden anti-virus on a separate disc so it would be off the network away from the dead. So they need to upload the anti-virus on the main computer network that started it all. Confusing in words but it will make sense in person.

The acting was good. Everyone displayed emotion well and was very enthused about the movie. Also the director did a good job keeping everything on track and keeping any loose ends out of the movie. The fact that it all had a very good flow made this movie a pleasure to watch and made it actually creepy.

Now like I said this is one of the only horror films of the year not consisting of all blood and guts. And I thank them for making this movie. And guess what, it actually was kinda scary. Even though one part of the movie was really stupid but oh well we'll just ignore that. The movie was overall creepy and made me walk out of the theater thinking 'Whoa', and a movie that does that to me is a well made movie.

The way it was shot was interesting too. The way the dead sort of cut out and came back like an actual computer was wicked. Even sometimes the whole screen had little cut out waves on it so it feels like your vision is actually happening exactly like you're in the movie. Which impressed me and I really enjoyed that factor.

Overall I loved this movie. Everything about it, if I want to see a scary movie I'll see this movie, and you should go see it as well, for you won't waste your money on it....Unless you some how don't like it.
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The Ant Bully (2006)
Ant Bully
19 August 2006
Yay another animated movie about ants. Coming into this movie I expected nothing; coming out I was amused surprisingly for some good reasons.

First of all the animation was really good. Well I guess all animated movies now are really good so I guess this is out of the equation.

The voice casting was extremely good. Each of the voices suited the personality of the characters and their looks. Also everything said is with a lot of emotion and they were really into it. A lot of the times the people who play the voices aren't enthused about it, this movie they definitely are.

The plot is like Honey I Shrunk The Kids. A kid whose been picked on picks on little ants until a magic ant uses a potion to make the kid shrink to their size. So the ant colony makes the kid live the life of an ant and once he becomes an ant he will be given his normal size back. In the movie there is actually some really good battle tactics that I enjoyed watching and the comedy was actually kind of funny at times.

Overall I liked this movie surprisingly. I probably won't see it again, but I think all kids would like this movie.
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Miami Vice (2006)
Miami Vice
19 August 2006
I never watched the TV show so I can't compare the two. If I would have watched the show I would have understood the characters and everything more I assume. But let's get going anyways.

The story is.......the same as a lot of movies. Cops go undercover to bust some criminals. In this case the cops pose as drug dealers to get closer to a drug lord. Not the most original but oh well maybe the show was like this every episode, I don't know like I said I never saw the show. Also the love story was bad, could have made the movie 30 minutes shorter.

The characters I didn't really like. I don't think Colin and Jamie suited their rolls well. Also their acting was bad in my eyes. Not very believable or anything. Also there was no character development. But I guess you have to watch the show and maybe you would get some.

The special effects were bad. When there was a flame it was horrible. When a guy got shot it was horrible. Also the action scenes were kind of all over the place and not well thought out. In the last firefight, the snipers don't shoot really at all.

Overall I really didn't like the movie. It dragged on, bad acting, bad special effects, just overall bad.
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John Tucker Must Die
18 August 2006
Well I'm not in high school quite yet but I will be very soon. So I don't know how accurately this movie portrays it but I'll say about other stuff. I didn't know what to expect from this movie but of course I saw it anyways.

The story is.....I guess original.....A guy is playing a bunch of girls and all the girls are believing him. It wouldn't really work in real life because the girls would find out but oh well. Anyways the girls find out eventually and they go out to break John Tuckers heart with a girl that he hasn't already dated.

The acting is bad. Well what do you expect. I guess since it's a comedy the acting doesn't need to be that great. So we just gotta look past how bad they say all their little lines and react to them.

Now it comes to the lines that he says to the girls. Some of them are pathetic and some how they work. Mainly....girls don't like to be called 'hot' it pisses a lot of them off. But some of the lines are okay, maybe some kids will learn something from them. The comedy isn't the greatest, a few small chuckles here and there but nothing hilarious.

Overall the movie was okay. Nothing great, but not horrible. But it sends out a very good message. Be yourself.
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The Night Listener
13 August 2006
Alright a lot of people don't know what this movies about so I'll try my best to explain.

Robin Williams befriends a young child who has written a book about his devastating past. But the kid and the mom sound a lot alike, making confusion about if the child is actually real or not. So Robin Williams goes and travels to the kids town in search for answers. It gets confusing in places and the end leaves a lot of open ends.

The acting is pretty well done. Robin Williams played his roll well, the mother and kid as well. Even though Robin Willams was gay, that didn't really play any part in the movie at all. Except for a bit of filler.

In the end the movie makes you think of if stuff you think is real isn't actually real until you find out for sure. But in the end I enjoyed it.
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The Descent (2005)
The Descent
13 August 2006
From the creators of Saw and Hostel bring a movie that is supposto push other movies over the edge. But is it actually....I guess but you could throw a lot more gore into a movie.

Some girls go into a cave....and they run into weird cave creatures. It doesn't explain why they're in there but they randomly kill stuff. The plot is really...unexplained unless I missed that part.

The gore is okay. Since it's in a cave it's really dark so you can't see it very well which is kind of disappointing. And it's not all that great....Blood squirts out everywhere but not really gory like.....Which wasn't really great but oh well.

The acting was pretty bad throughout the whole movie. Maybe because I'm not used to British actors or something like that. But the movie really didn't show any emotion. Like when their friend died the other girls really didn't care.

Overll I wouldn't recommend this movie because the first half is probably boring and the second half isn't all that great.
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Talladega Nights
10 August 2006
Will has made many movies that have made me laugh out loud, and he keeps bringing them to the screen; Talladega Nights is no exception. I loved this movie; one of the only movies of the year that has delivered its excpecation.

Ricky Bobby (Will Farrell) is a race car driver who always comes in first because his best friend always helps him while giving up coming in first for Ricky but he does because he's his best friend. Until a french racer comes to race against him; and he is supposto be better.

Will Farrell is hilarious in this movie. Just looking at some of his expressions made me laugh. But the way he says lines makes me burst out laughing. Then the way he has jokes set up, and the way he says those with his expressions makes me laugh so hard I cry. It's a great movie if your in a laughing mood.

The way everything looks is awesome. The cars, people, race track, crowds, everything. Just watching this movie makes me want to go to a race just to have the experience of how awesome it is as it displays in this movie.

Overll I loved this movie, it is one of the movies of the summer for me and you should really go see it, because I will a couple more times.
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Don't Sleep; Don't Sleep; Almost did
10 August 2006
I was looking forward to this movie early in the summer, then I stared watching most of the movies that were expected to be good and I was let down so I stopped looking forward to this believing it was to be a let down, I was right. I really disliked this movie for many reasons.

First of all, the casting was bad. I dislike who they chose to be police men, wives, firefighters; everyone. And the people who they chose were bad actors. Throughout the movie I couldn't feel any emotion from them, any pain, any happiness; nothing. Even Nicholas Cage was disappointing.

But there is a lot more. There is no character development. No stories really to the people that are trapped or dieing. I didn't feel sorry for them or felt any emotion. You see a little bit of their family but you don't see how much they love them before hand then you see them suffering because they might not see them again. I felt like they didn't care that they wouldn't see their family again.

I'm not a cop, or firefighter or anything like that but wouldn't they be more cautious walking around all that rubble. Or even in the building, why would they keep so many people inside the burning trade center; wouldn't they move them out of there? Maybe not; if you disagree with this point maybe I could this part wrong.

It was overall boring as well. All it was is people talking; more people talking; more; more; more, nothing else besides talking. I was really bored after they got trapped because nothing happened; at all. Even when they were looking for them it wasn't interesting.

The only reason I give this a 2 is because it looked cool at times, yes call me evil or what ever but it looked cool at times. But I would not recommend you seeing this. Instead go rent "Ladder 49" it's a way better movie of someone trapped in rubble and it has a lot more affection, emotion, story and everything to it.
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Barnyard (2006)
10 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Animated movies are always fun to watch. Especially if it's about animals that can speak English. And oh-no the male cows have udders! What a wrong movie, give me a break who really cares? If they put a male part their instead wouldn't that be worse? First off the story is good. All the animals in the farm get up and party when the humans are asleep or away; or have their back turned. In this movie, one cow who is basically the leader of the Barnyard dies, and being put in charge after his death is his son (who is a complete party animal and couldn't run anything). So in the movie he has to learn how to take control and guard the barnyard from the evil coyotes (which are the ones who killed his dad).

The animation and voice casting was well done and chosen. The animation is spectacular and has a lot of detail making it a beautiful picture for the eyes. Also the voices for each animal suits them very well, and the expression in their voices are very good. Also the music is well chosen; mainly Johnny Cash's version of "I won't Back Down". The movie has it's funny parts, and would be a lot funnier for children but it made me laugh a few times, and when I did it was hard laughs.

I really enjoyed this movie, even though I wasn't really in the mood for this type of film; but it I was I would have loved it even more then I already do. I would really recommend you to see this movie if you have a easy sense of humor.
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Lady In The Water
3 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I came into this movie not knowing what to expect. So I just sat through the 2 hours trying to enjoy it. Some how I did a little bit even though I disliked so much about it.

The plot was.....interesting. It's really hard to explain the movie in words so you'll have to go watch it if you want to understand how this movie went. It was the only thing that I kind of liked about this movie, how it was so stupid but interesting.

The casting was stupid. The main guy stutters and it doesn't explain why. You have a guy that works out with only one arm. You have a bunch of other randomly unfit people for each roll. They couldn't really act either unless the director wanted it to be no acting needed.

The movie made me laugh more then it scared me.....And there were a lot of things in this movie that weren't explained so that annoyed me.

Overall I hated almost everything about this film but for some reason I liked the plot.
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Monster House (2006)
Monster House
3 August 2006
Great animation, and spooky for little kids. Not much more to say about this movie.

The voices are well chosen, making emotion be heard when it was needed to be, and sounding right just like a kids voice.

There wasn't very much comedy in this movie. But when there was supposed to be it wasn't really funny, maybe a little "humph" but nothing more. Maybe it would be funnier to the 5-9 year olds.

The animation was really good though. Everything looked beautiful and spooky at the times when it was supposed to. It would be spooky enough to scare 3-7 year olds. But it shows how good they can make a movie.

Overall this movie was okay. Nothing I would watch again, and I'm not extremely happy I watched it, but I did and oh well.
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My Super Ex-Girlfriend
3 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Your going out with a girl, everythings going good until you realize you don't want to go out with her anymore so you need to break up with her. But once you do you sometimes regret it. In this movie he really should because he brought havoc to himself.

I came into this movie expecting a lot of laugh out loud comedy and I really didn't get much of it. Two parts in this movie made me laugh the rest was boring and made me think why I even look forward to movies anymore.

The plot is kind of predictable but I guess they always are in comedies because we go to see them to laugh not for a good plot. He breaks up with a girl he met and she's actually a super hero and she makes his life horrible because he broke her heart.

The special effects were pretty bad. When she was flying or throwing sharks or spinning around it was bad. Even the fight scene was bad but oh well, it's a comedy not some action film.

Overall I really didn't like this movie, it was disappointing and I wouldn't recommend seeing it.
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Clerks II (2006)
Clerks II
3 August 2006
I never saw Clerks but I want to after watching this movie. If your easily offended do not see this movie so we don't have to hear how offended you got from watching it.

The plot was alright. I believe their old shop burned down so they got a job at a Fast Food joint. While Jay and Silent Bob hang around it. Dante (Brian O'Halloran) wants to move away with his fiancé. But he realizes he's in love with his boss and not his actual fiancé.

The comedy in my eyes was hilarious. Most people will be horribly offended by the comedy in this movie but not me. Because I can't be offended I found this movie extremely funny. It wasn't like there was a lot of laughs but the laughs that were there were HUGE.

The acting was....well they didn't need to know how to act in this movie. But when they needed to it was bad. But what ever, not like we went to see this movie for some good acting we went to see it to laugh.

Over all this movie would make you laugh and I'll see it again if I want to hear people get offended and laugh.
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Littleman (2006)
Little Man
3 August 2006
I didn't expect this movie to be huge and I didn't expect it to suck either. And I was right, the movie was right in between. It started off funny, then it got hilarious, then it got all serious. The serious part was kind of badly placed but oh well.

The acting. Well obviously you'll know it's stupid because you have what a 40 year old playing a 1 year old? The rest of the cast is pretty bad except the grandpa....I don't know why but I think he did a good job and he was the only good actor in the movie.

The comedy was funny to me. Maybe because I'm only 14 and maybe because I have an immature sense of humor? But I laughed pretty darn hard at times in this movie and a few hard chuckles here and there as well. I liked the comedy in this movie and I wish they would have kept it up through the whole movie.

The movie was alright over all, if I want some laughs I would watch it again, and I would recommend it to my friends but I don't think the older audience would enjoy this movie.
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You, Me, And Dupree
3 August 2006
Did you see the Break-Up? A movie that is supposed to be funny but really it doesn't become funny at all? Well this movie is basically the same movie.

Owen Wilson moves in with his best friend and wife right after they get married because he lost his job while taking time off for their wedding. A plot that could deliver some comedy does it not sound like one? The commercials made it look like it would be pretty funny. But it's not at all.

The plot is jumpy around at times and predictable to a boring level. The flow of all the events are really weird and randomly placed through out the movie. Anything that happened in this movie could be placed in another part of the movie and the movie would still make sense.

The acting was alright. In a comedy you don't really need to know how to act because people will laugh at the jokes and not the actor usually. Unless it's a really good actor and can just make the audience laugh by just them being on camera.

The jokes are horrible. The movie didn't make me laugh except for maybe one time. They could have made the movie funny but they made it more into some stupid boring drama that people really wouldn't want to watch. I don't see why Owen Wilson would wanted to have casted in this piece of junk.

Over all this movie was REALLY disappointing and I would recommend only seeing it if you liked the Break-Up, or if you like drama movies where people fight and get angry without any comedy.
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Pirates 2
3 August 2006
Action, laughs, interesting, and a cliff hanger ending....What else does a movie need? Dead Mans Chest is the only movie of the summer so far that has delivered a good blockbuster.

The plot is good but if you think about it, not one main plot......If you think about the plot it seems like each day the movie was filmed they made a new thing happens, then another random thing that makes sense happens, and something else happens and yeah. The plot was still great just....quite different.

The jokes and action was pretty good. You got a few pretty hard laughs out of the movie and it happens at really good times. Also the fight scenes or the action scenes are pretty good and well choreographed.

The special effects and costumes are amazing. Making people look like the coral, or like fish was awesomely done. The craken was a little weird looking at times and a bit disappointing at times. But still making the people look the way they did was amazing.

Overall I loved this movie, the movie of the summer unless something else comes up. I would really recommend seeing this movie.
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See No Evil (2006)
See No Evil
29 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Another movie with a star of a wrestling. So far I have noticed....wrestlers can't act on the movie screen. This movie is no exception.

The action is dreadful. It makes you laugh at what they say, and they can't be serious, they try to act scared but they fail and look stupid. The acting is horrible, possibly from the bad director.

The plot was stupid....Just some people get placed in a hotel because they're criminals, and they get randomly killed off. The movie is stupid all the way through, making it one of the worst I have ever seen.

The only think and this is why I give it a 3 and not a 1 is because of the way Jacob Goodnight dies. The pole through the head and the stories of him plunging was awesome.

Overall this is a really horrible movie, and you definitely shouldn't waste your time with it.
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Superman Returns
29 June 2006
The Superman addicts who have seen every other movie, and know everything about Superman will take more away from this movie then those who don't.

First of all, the movie was two and a half hours or so.....In my eyes, the movie was really boring for the first hour....I was thinking of walking out, but since I didn't pay to get in, I said what ever, I'll stay and watch. Eventually the movie picked up and when there were action parts it was a very good movie, but when there wasn't, it was really boring.

The plot was a little weird.....I'm assuming the movie was supposed to revolve around Lex Luther trying to build islands out of crystals, but they only followed that for about thirty minutes of the movie. The rest of it was just Superman wandering around saving random people or it was boring character development.

The acting was....rusty. They chose a good actor to play the roll of Superman, but there was really no emotion put into the movie by any of the actors. There were no emotional parts so there was no need to have to be a good actor. At times, when people are talking, you can't understand what they're saying which gets annoying after a while.

The special effects were alright. The opening, where they do like 10 minutes of wandering through space of special effects were not the greatest I have seen. At times the special effects looked awkward....But other times they were quite well done.

Overall, this was an alright movie but it definitely did not live up to the expectations I was expecting for this movie. I doubt I will see it again, because I do not want to sit through the first hour.
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