Lists by gahollywoodkiss

a list of 657 people
that died before their time,
'will always be remembered'
as 'Forever Young'...

even though I've tried to be as thorough as possible,
any suggestions/additions:
a list of 658 people
their acting ability not-withstanding;
(I'm being rather shallow here).
this is my personal list of whom 'I believe' to be
the most beautiful women in Starz-Land...
(alphabetized by first name)

*a beautiful person (in reality),
should not be labeled as such for 'only' their
outward skin/dna compilation.
as looks begin to fade,
the 'beauty-within' is what really shines.

**"beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
it's just a shame that not all beholders
have an eye for beauty." g.a.k.

***remember, opinions vary!!!
a list of 1,767 titles
a list of 'movies' that I have seen, this list will always be added to...

*to see my 'specialty catagories',
please check-out: 'My Top 10' lists.

**if you have a personal favorite and I haven't seen it,
please give me a 'shoutout',
and I'll check-it-out:
a list of 25 titles
movies that are currently in-development and/or production that I am looking forward to their release...

*and yes, most are 'story continuations'.
a list of 11 titles
sometimes a movie is intended to scare the audience,
but has the exact opposite effect on us all.
OR. over the years it just loses it's 'luster'
on the viewing screen.

regardless. these entertainment vehicles are my favorite 'Camp Classics'.

*not that these particular 'movies' are any less of what they intended to be,
I just felt these 'titles' deserved a list of their very own.

**remember. opinions vary!!!
a list of 12 titles
I believe the best movies that are 'sport-themed' must have other qualities to offer.

dilemma's including; family, love issues, and the personal triumphs to establish the outcome of the story told.

*"everyone has a story to tell;
it's how you tell it and who you tell it to,
that really matters." g.a.kiss
a list of 15 titles
these are my 'current' favz...
a list of 11 people
even though I'm a hetrosexual male,
I can still admire a good-looking man when I see one.

this is 'my Top 10 Attractive Men' in StarzLand...
(A-Z, listed by first name)

*remember, opinions vary!!!
a list of 11 people
because of my artistic values of expressing myself through 'print';
this list I hold dear to my heart...
a list of 50 titles
these are my favorite Holiday Movies of all time...
(Titles A-Z)
a list of 11 characters
a character is defined as;
the 'representation of a person' in a narrative of work.

these are my favorites on the 'small screen'...
a list of 11 titles
05 July 1989 - 14 May 1998

these are my favorite episodes.
(I could have 'easily' listed 50!)

*remember. opinions vary...
a list of 10 titles
these are my current 'Top 10 favs'...

*subject to change (of course)
a list of 9 titles
movies that I would love to have on dvd;

does anyone have any information on any of these movies?
a list of 10 people
these 'leading ladies' are my favorite.

a few have been fav for many, many years...
a list of 10 people
these gents are my favorite on the 'Silver Screen'...
a list of 10 people
the following are my 'Dream Team' of producers/directors.

it seems as if 'almost' everything these peeps touch turn to Gold...
a list of 13 titles
although movies, documentaries and sporting events are my prime-time viewing habits;

these are my favorite 'Top 10' shows of all time.

*and although I love 'almost' every episode of the below shows, I will list my 'all-time' fav...

**just like relationships;
these shows are subject to change...
a list of 10 characters
a character is defined as;
the 'representation of a person' in a narrative work.

these are my favorites from the 'silver-screen'...
a list of 10 titles
I realize I am being rather presumptuous by
ranking this particular list.

so be it!!!

*remember, opinions vary...
a list of 10 titles
my favorite movies using animation...
a list of 10 titles
my least liked movies of all time...

*remember, opinions vary...