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The best adaption!, 8 July 2010

The best adaption! and one of the best love stories ever told. Pride and prejudice is truly Austens masterpiece, it is in lack of nothing.. The number of love stories out there are probably more than the population of Sweden (were i live) however this one manages to tell the story as if i lived it myself. Pride and prejudice is in part about a man having everything giving his honor for someone who has nothing, whom in turn refuses the man having castles and the bloodline, can love be better described!? refusing a life in luxury for a life in poverty. Anyway, the acting is overall superb with Colin Firth in his absolute best role, Ehle is Perfect, Its Capital!

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OK, but not very nice!, 6 April 2007

Take it for what it is... The movie has got bad writing and semi bad acting.. However if you manage to overlook these faults it might be OK. If you take it for what it is it might be an entertaining action flick.... I think the lead actor is pretty decent, but overlooking his work judged by IMDb, one can't be impressed. If you see it for what it is, it is a mindless no thinking action movie. It is the perfect movie for a hangover. A plus for the movie is seeing the legendary Pat Morita, even though only for a small part, but it is nice to see the old martial arts expert on film again.. the setting of the movie is really nice, it takes place in the Caribbean or something. It is always nice to see views like those.