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It was everything I had hoped/expected it to be., 30 April 2010

If you've seen what they do with all of the remake Horror (Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre), then I would think that you know what to expect. I see many going in with expectations to the contrary. That's where all the hate comes from.

I loved every single thing about this movie. I will go so far as to say that, although not as epic, Jackie Earl Haley did with Freddy what Heath did with The Joker. I enjoyed the music to go with what you see. I enjoyed the new cast of sleep-depraved teens. The new Nancy (Rooney Mara) was gorgeous by the way, as was Katie Cassidy. The way things played out with all characters went by rather smoothly with a substantial amount of early and later twists. I hope they make a 2nd one.

Until then, I shall enjoy Saw VII come October.

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So I know this movie was bashed to the stone age. . ., 2 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I suppose rightfully so too, but I am one man. I think I was the biggest fan of Saw V as well.

Anyways, I liked it. Everyone I know disliked/hated it. Every review I heard/read claimed disappointment and I can see why. The film is flawed, some aspects were unnecessary, and it feels a bit rushed. Nevertheless, I managed to really enjoy it.

Scout-Taylor Compton was really good as Laurie. I really felt for her. I recall her best line was (as she is flipping through Dr. Loomis' new book to explain to her friends what is wrong) when she says something to the effect of "this is my f**ked up life". That brings me to Loomis. I hated him, but I believe that was Rob Zombie's intention: to hate what he has become. Michael Myers becomes a real bad-ass (as if he wasn't already). He often goes 'overkill' with some of his victims. We also seem to understand more of his motives by getting a glimpse of his overall psyche.

I do not own the 2007 remake, but after seeing this, I want to own them both. Excellent effort from Mr. Zombie

Saw V (2008)
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Very Acceptable, 24 October 2008

To say the least, I was NOT disappointed. I enjoyed the film as much as I thought I would. Going in, I had some doubts, what with a new director and this being a fifth installment in a horror series (they usually start sucking by the 3rd).

As soon as the opening credits start, you can already tell that a different director had his hands on the project. Acceptence doesn't take long to sink in though. As expected, the film meets the typical Saw requirements. Multiple traps and more revealing back-story.

Simply put, Saw V should not disappoint the loyal Saw fan. I know I'll be back for the next installment with bells on.

Seeing that this is the fifth film, you simply MUST see 1-4 in order to truly understand all the flashbacks. I don't want to give anything away, so all I will say is this: The very last trap in this film is one of my new favorites. . .