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Garbage, 10 January 2007

I had a friend on the set of this turkey; an actor named Frank Webb. Thus, I was allowed to sit in on the filming as I was Frank's unofficial chauffeur during the time his license was suspended. The actors in this film were lucky to have work during a very stressful time in Hollywood so they took this project on. The shooting script was entitled "What are we going to do without Skipper?"

I watched a young Richard Thomas and Robert F. Lyons act...and very well considering the poor script. Even then, before I knew screenplays, I was astounded at the poor quality of dialog. I felt for the actors who had to wade through that muck.

This movie is barely viewable. It gives low budget films a bad name.

Welcome to your own network series, Mr. Woods!, 29 September 2006

There are very few actors who are as compelling on-screen as James Woods. But to devote a year or more of his time in dedication to a television series? I never thought it would happen.

"Shark" is a perfect vehicle for Mr. Woods and his energy and charisma drive the series perfectly. It's my opinion that the producers have cast "Shark" very well; the GQ-type next generation notwithstanding.

It all begins with a good script and so far so good. After watching two episodes, I am fairly convinced that "Shark" will make the first cut. If the creator and writing staff can continue to write compelling stories then I believe this series can be there for the magical 100-episode run.

I am grateful for the opportunity of viewing James Woods weekly. I just hope this isn't one of those situations where we look back and say "It was too good for television".

Congratulations on a wonderful first two offerings! Keep it up!