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This is excellent TV!!!, 14 April 2013

Not at all sure WHY someone wrote that this is obscene. There isn't bad language, no T&A, no lurid sex, it's just high voltage, very hip and modern television. It also has great music and mind-twisting story lines mixed with witty dialog. The premise is unique. I don't want to spoil anything but after three episodes it's apparent that what I thought was going on is much more intense and crazy that I'd originally imagined. If you want something different and can go into this appreciating a fresh idea, you're in for a treat. Tatiana Maslany proves to be a very capable young actress. The rest of the cast is equally as entertaining. Enjoy!

Warrior (2011)
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I can't believe what I've just witnessed......, 7 January 2012

.....the best movie I've seen in YEARS. I'm shocked. I've always loved MMA, watched so many PPV events I could probably pay a mortgage so I expected a sappy, yet enjoyable sports film. Oh my.....was I ever wrong! Tom've blown my mind. But it's not just him, everyone in this film is so believable, I forgot I was watching a movie. I laughed, smiled, chuckled, frowned, held my breath (alot), literally jumped off the couch yelling stuff, held my breath some more, and felt tears well up in my eyes. And that was before the ending!!! The ending is epic, in my opinion. I've read other reviews stating an opinion that it would have been better if certain things happened but I don't agree. I refuse to put spoilers in here but the ending is perfect just the way it is. It's more like watching reality TV the way it's done and like I've already said, I totally forgot I was watching a movie, it's so believable. Please, females who read NOT pass this up because it looks like a guy film. This is like a chick flick wrapped in testosterone. Besides, the stars are gorgeous. This is definitely going in my Blu Ray collection and I'm inviting everyone I know to come over and watch it.

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Rare treasure!, 26 November 2011

I'll agree that the British know how to do period drama better than anyone (certainly better than us Americans) and this is no exception. You'll be captivated immediately and hours will go by before you realize you've spent an entire afternoon in front of your television set. The relationships built between all characters of this show are what tie it up in a nice, fluffy (although not always pretty) bow. Brilliantly written and set in lush, vibrant surroundings with detailed costuming, this drama series should set the bar for others. No busy dialog or wasted scenes, just good, solid craftsmanship in every episode of this poignant family story. You'll do well to invest in seasons 1 and 2. Looking forward to the arrival of season 3!

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Open a bottle of red, sit back....and enjoy., 26 November 2011

Although I truly love watching this entire cast in other movies, I recorded this on my DVR for one reason only: Hiroyuki Sanada. And I'm so glad I did. A long time fan of Ivory/Merchant films, I expected a story to unfold beautifully and it definitely does here. It's soft, subtle, realistic, and warm. It's like spending an evening in front of a cozy fire with good company. Nothing is over acted, there's no fancy effects or crazy cinematography, just good, solid storytelling with an absolutely perfect cast. These are the films Hollywood should aspire to. I've had enough of 3D action and fantasy films for awhile. So please, watch this and remember why we fell in love with film.

Immortals (2011)
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Epic Movie? More like Epic Fail., 22 November 2011

Because it was beautiful to behold, I give this four stars of AWESOME visuals (including the pretty cast) but really, what a horrible story. And S L O W. Let's face it, the previews show nothing but action and that's why we pay the big bucks for Imax 3D films but when the action is nestled in between long, long drawn out and ill-formed dialogue (I honestly thought lines were forgotten in many scenes and they were running low on budget or time and just went with it) and extremely poor start to feel duped. When you spend more mental energy thinking about another Coke Icee, you know you've just padded Hollywood's pockets.

"Boss" (2011)
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Predictable, but Grammar is superb., 24 October 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really don't understand why people think this show is original. It's a tired story: Man corrupted by glory and power has opportunity to regain his humanity because he's dying. How is this original? However, Kelsey is fantastic. Within the first 25 minutes you get a fist-to-the-face punch of acting brilliance and continue to ride a roller coaster of range from Mr. Grammar. Unfortunately, the scene in his office was over-acted; screaming profanities, kicking the downed man, threats made, etc. Other than that one scene I enjoyed Grammar's performance. I don't think I'll continue watching this because there's only so many places it can go. There will be emotional discoveries, lots of tears, familial reunions...the usual predictable drama. I do think this is what Grammar needs for his career and I'll always be a fan, but I'll save the space on my DVR for something else.