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Bill W. (2012)
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Passionately Appreciated, 2 September 2012

Yes ~ I can't say enough Good. As one other reviewer mentioned, I experience the same ~ impossible not to be a bit biased since I am passionate about the material ... and the man.

The film needs to be around More, in the theatres. I'd see it again ... and bring a bandwagon. The acting was great and I liked the way the Facts were conveyed. William Griffith Wilson was not a saint, in the sense that he was not perfect ... like each of us are not ~ but I put him in the same category as Martin Luther King, Buddha, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Echart Tolle, Earnest Holmes, Joseph Campbell, Jesus Christ, et. al.

The man was brilliant, and he accomplished the impossible: creating the Way of the 12 steps after being sober only a short few years ... and include meditation (!) and making the whole deal such a simple process ~ that works for anyone, I think, willing to do it. I felt such sadness for him, that he was not able to truly benefit from what was created, like any 'regular member'.

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Yes Yes! YES, 17 November 2011

While acknowledging that Bill Wilson was not perfect (um ... who is?), his contribution to alcoholic mankind was out of this world. I am speaking from someone who appreciates the history of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is quite fascinating.

I've been to Dr. Bob and Anne's house in Akron, Ohio; A.A. World Services in New York several times; and Lois and Bill's Bedford Hills home - Stepping Stones. I enjoyed seeing the Bible where Bill wrote his pledges ~ at one of these places (been awhile; can't recall where.)

The movie touched my heart. I appreciated the brilliance in its creation. Winona Ryder and Barry Pepper were outstanding as well. I highly recommend it to anyone.