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Not bad for a rainy afternoon., 27 February 2007

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It is definitely a low budget film, however, the story itself is touching. A man and wife are helping some people during a volcano eruption, and the wife saves a baby, only to die herself, falling into a lava river. The husband goes back to her home village in Italy to learn more about the history of his wife, I assume, since I missed that part. He finds a mute girl, with a seemingly supernatural connection to lava and the moon, whom the whole town tells him to stay away from. She ends up saving the town that is afraid of her. She seems drawn to the husband, but cowers from everyone. The dead animals that she leaves for the one person who may understand, the husband, are animals died in the mines,where an ancient volcano slumbers. The moon is in an unnatural orbit,which it follows every 500 years (or every 1000 years, I cant remember) making it much closer than normal. This makes the gravitational pull stronger, which pulls the lava up through the volcano. The mute girl seems like a devil worshiper, but she is really tied to the lava and the moon because of a deadly lightning strike she was in with her mother, which killed her mother, and her for over 20 minuted, before she inexplicably came back to life. She leads the town to the secret tunnels that are under the town, that no one can find, even tho they are in the monastery with an obvious door that works amazingly well, for having not been used for several hundred years. In the very end, the spirit of the dead wife comes and saves her from a blocked in tunnel. It is very involved, with just a bit too many turns in an odd storyline. Its obviously a lower budget film, and could be very good with more money put into it. Not great, but not awful either.

Ghost Game (2004) (V)
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worth a rent, not a movie ticket, 23 June 2006

I think if this movie had a bigger budget, it would have been really great. The concept is good, the acting and shooting is typical "B" rated movie, its better than most low budget movies, and would be an amazing blockbuster with the right people. Worth the rent, if you have one of those pay by the month things, instead of individual movie prices. FYI - My "8 of 10" is with the knowledge that it is a rating for a B movie. I think the good witch looks amazingly like Ali Larter, but I can't confirm that, and they take death in real stride. The acting was totally unrealistic. Its very Blair witch, and there is a time loop kind of thing happening. You wonder who "athena" is, and why she is important. It needed more story. It did not actually show any people really doing anything, which was very Alfred Hitchcockian of the director.