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Aquamarine (2006)
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Two teenage boy crazy best friends discover and befriend a mermaid, 4 March 2006

I wanted to hate this movie. Everything from the constant squealing of "Oh My God", the stream of clichés and the sheer ridiculousness of some of the dialouge pointed in the direction of a complete waste of time. Somehow however, Aquamarine managed to win me over through charm and its child like determination to please. The movie centers around two teenage girls (Emma Roberts and JoJo) who are spending their last summer together before Hayley (Jojo) moves away to Austrailia. Their summer takes a surprising twist when they discover a mermaid (Sara Paxton) in a pool after a terrible storm. They spend the rest of the summer trying to help her find true love. Both Emma Roberts and Jojo are newcomers to the screen and do a surprisingly good job at playing bubbly girls without making the audience want to wring their necks 10 minutes in and though each have yet to develop their skills especially at showing a wide range of emotions, they certainly are charming and enjoyable to watch. Sara Paxton looks and talks the part and though this role wasn't one to exhibit any real acting abilities she embraces the part full on. Yes, Aqaumarine features a mean blonde girl and yes there is the "hot" guy but if you watch this movie for exactly what it is, a fluffy escape from life, then it shouldn't bother you. So if you are ever in the mood, wait until it comes out on video and don't pay 10 dollars on it, it is definitely a rental.

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A story of loss and love in the most clichéd movie of the year, 27 October 2005

The movie that has been dubbed "The Most Romantic Comedy Of The Year" falls short of this expectation. There is romance. Orlando Bloom falls for a chatty stewardess (Kirsten Dunst) on his way to his father's funeral. The comedy however, is what is lacking. Jokes fall flat as they are strained and predictable. Bloom has very little comedic timing and his family members quirkiness is rusty and has been used far too many times. The film stars, though easy on the eye, walk through the movie in a daze, clearly realizing what a waste of time and energy is being put forth. Bloom and Dunst have no chemistry try as the film does to convince us that the hours on the phones these two strangers are sharing are actually meaningful. Even if they were, it is very difficult to see as all one can hear is some pop song oozing in the background as the two frolic about and giggle. It was painful to watch the talented Susan Sarandon who plays the Mother wince her way through this mess. As Orlando Bloom attempts to segway his way into becoming Hollywood's leading romantic actor we can only pray he discovers his lack of talent and returns to fighting pirates.