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Stripper (1986)
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If you're a documentary filmmaker, its a must, 27 October 2005

Director Jerome Gary produced "PUMPING IRON" (which put 'Arnold' on the map) and writer Charles Gaines also wrote "PUMPING IRON" and "STAY HUNGRY" (1975). - Cinematographer Ed Lachman needs no introduction, and Academy Award winner Haskell Wexler did the 2nd unit photography, among others. - My favorite line was, "Hey Buddy, how's your LUNCH!?" It came with a great set-up, which kept me laughing for days. - As another reviewer here said, this isn't a sex-film but a documentary; and another reviewer called it a female "ROCKY." I agree with both. - This is not a cheaply made film, as you can see by reading the end credits. Didn't count everyone but there must have been over a hundred people on the crew. And it shows. - This is about as well-made as they come. One of the best. - KC Remington Micanopy, FL