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This is one of the best musicals I have ever seen!, 27 October 2005

I was reluctant at first to see this. I have a great deal of respect for the story of Joseph in the Bible. However I must admit that I was greatly surprised. The cast was perfect, and the music was great. The comedy that was created was incredible. The manner in which the characters were portrayed and the flow of the plot was a stroke of genius for these men. I was totally enamored with Joan Collins portrayal of Potiphar's wife. As usual she was sexy and beautiful. Then there was the Pharoh. His magnetism and presence was amazing. I think his scene was the best played out in the show. I could not take my eyes off of him. Even Donnie Osmond's presence seemed diminished in his presence. Overall I would say that this show was rated among the top 3 musicals that I could watch over and over. I would place this in the same category as The Sound of Music, and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. All are my favorite musicals.