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The Interview (2014/II)
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Awful Awful Awful Awful Awful Awful Movie, 26 December 2014

This movie is honestly terrible. It bored me to death and couldn't not have been a whole lot worse than what it was. I don't understand how it has an 8.3 rating as there was nothing original or remotely funny about much of what was being said or done during the movie. I much prefer a Seth McFarlane or Parker comedy to this. I do believe in free speech and I am glad that this movie was eventually released but I don't understand all the hype behind it nor why it was originally banned as there is nothing interesting at all about it. It should not have gotten any of the press that eventually got attributed to it and it was publicity that was not merited at all.

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Ummm...this was bad., 16 June 2013

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(Contains Spoilers) This movie had the worst on-liners that I have ever heard in a movie theater. The movie started promising, but after about 10 minutes was extremely predictable and copied (poorly) every other action movie that has ever been made. (Spoilers) The slow shots of the American flag falling and then rising again at the end with melodramatic music, just made it all the worse. And the president pointing out how so many people died while limping out of the Whitehouse and passing all the dead corpses made me chuckle and I don't think that was the intent. How Morgan Freeman ever signed on to this project, I don't know.

The End (2012)
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disappointing, 3 November 2012

Recently saw this movie in Sevilla, as it was the premiere shown at the Sevilla Film Festival, and I was disappointed. As a fan of Maribel Verdu, Antonio Garrido, and Carmen Ruiz I thought I would be in for a treat. The trailers also looked interesting and I thought the movie would be suspenseful. Nothing further from the truth. The movie struggled to find its way throughout. The first 10-15 minutes were OK, but from then on, the movie fell apart. I don't want to give any spoilers, but the effects were terrible and while it seemed to have a huge budget, it seems as though the director or the post production team didn't know how to correctly create the CGI effects they wanted or create the suspense needed. Towards the end the movie tried to become philosophical, and it just seemed trite. Unfortunately I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone.

Taken 2 (2012)
Really, really quite bad, 16 October 2012

I'm not a typical reviewer. I generally just watch movies, and move on to the next one, however this movie made me want to advise people to just re-watch the first Taken movie, and not be bothered by this one. It's pretty bad. It's not the worst movie I've ever seen, but where Mission Impossible or the Bourne franchise were able to create plot twists and turns to keep the story interesting, this movie lacked any type of script. The mother in the movie is not fleshed out at all and is asleep for most of the movies. The bad guys are just that, bad guys with tattoos on their hands. It's impossible to tell any spoilers because there really are none. You know the whole movie before going in, yet I expected some plot twist and was really disappointed. The fight scenes are not spectacular either, and Liam really needs a hair cut and some sort of style. He really cares that his car is clean and waxed yet he could care less about any sort of personal appearance. Don't get taken by Taken 2...stick to the first one, as this movie is repetitive, and worse.

Ted (2012)
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Terrible and I'm a Family Guy fan, 12 August 2012

The movie started out innocent enough, but was just entirely too predictable and the jokes were completely forced and repetitive. How may times can you say, ¨I love you, but I'm not gay?¨ Or repetitively insert some sort of Jewish reference. Or talk about farts. I just thought the movie overall was stupid and pointless, and I didn't like the movie at all. Save your money and rent it if you're curious, it's a movie you can watch while doing something else at the same time. Mark Whalberg character was a bit shallow, was not entertaining, nor charming nor did he have any redeeming values and I am normally a fan of Mark Whalberg. One of the worst movies I've seen in the last couple of years.

"Awake" (2012)
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It's fun, 12 May 2012

After watching Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Homeland I was looking for a series to get my series fix between seasons. Every September or January I give a few series a try, and while I gave Alcatraz and Terra Nova a try for a couple of episodes, Awake got me hooked. As of this review I have seen the first 11 episodes and each one keeps get more interesting, and I'm dying to see how they wrap up the first season.

The basic plot is that the main character, a detective, was in a car accident. Now when he wakes up we find out that his son has passed away. However when he goes asleep, he actually wakes up in another reality where it was his wife that died in the accident. So the spectator and he, the detective, doesn't know which world is a dream, and which one is reality. The cinematographers use great use of lighting and yellow hues to show one world, and blue hues to show the other reality. (Look at the poster of the series where the detective is divided in two colors and you'll see what I mean) The neat part of the series is how we see cases resolved and questions poised using information obtained in the opposite realities as well as cross-over plots and characters. Take a peak at a couple of episodes, give it a chance, and I am sure many will enjoy.

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Boring, 26 September 2008

I don't recommend this film. It was a disappointment to someone who really enjoys the play of dialog and character development that one typically encounters in a Woody Allen film.

The actors are wonderful, but there becomes a moment where everything just becomes repetitive, nothing advances, and I really did not care what happened to any of the protagonists. I like to root for someone, and I enjoy smiling and laughing with the dynamics and quirkiness of the play of words between two people in love, and I was left wondering why anyone fell in love in the first place. I usually enjoy Woody Allen for his subtle humor, and yet found very little to enjoy in this film.