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Yes Man (2008)
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A very good flick!, 17 December 2008

I saw this movie as a early showing and having gotten the tickets for free I said "what the heck, I'll see anything for free". So right off the bat I went in with low expectations. The previews made it look like the same old Jim Carrey Schtick. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

There was no ridiculous plot line (Liar Liar) or over the top characters (Ace Ventura) but a simple yet humorous story-line that is played to perfection by Carrey. There were plenty of good chuckles to be had and some down right laughs (and yes for those into it, a gross out scene that will make even this amazingly desensitized movie going generation cringe).

Overall, Yes Man is definitely worth the 10 bucks or so that movies are now ridiculously priced out now a days. But most definitely worth the trip if its free :-p.


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Painful, 21 November 2006

Wow, This Boy's Life… who feels dumber, raise your hands. Its okay those that didn't, motor skills will return momentarily. This boy's Life is just a testament to that old rule that no matter what big stars you get to play your characters they can't improve the story. Sure people do get a bit of a rise out of Robert De Niro and his new found accent. The movie is close to worth it with De Niro and his wedding night with the main characters mother. Dwight (De Niro) who up until this point played a meek individual suddenly explodes into a rage over what positions are allowed in his bedroom. That is just about all you can take from this movie; that and the phrase "Goddamn Hotshot", which is Dwight's favorite expression to describe the main character Tobias "Jack" Wolff. You may be saying to yourself "I didn't know that Jack is a nickname for Tobias. Well my simple minded people it isn't. For God knows why Mr. Wolff decided that Tobias was too different a name and chose to change it. That's okay I guess because he is a good kid. Oh I'm sorry that's just his mother's opinion. In reality "Jack" is a kid rotten to the core. Misdeeds and vandalism, smoking and drinking are his favorite pastimes. "jack" could very well go down as one of the most hated characters in the history of film, right next to Kahn from Star Trek and Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Come on that lazy piece of dirt lays in bed for 20 years after he gets canned at the chocolate factory and all of a sudden he's up dancing when Charlie brings home the Golden Ticket? I don't buy it. No better is "Jack"'s mother. What kind of women notices the abuse of her child and does nothing. "I don't want to be a referee" is what she would repeat. But if you ask me you just don't want to be a mom. Parenthood has two basic principles: Teach your kids right from wrong (which you really blew, badly) and keep them from harm. That's it the rest of it falls into one of these categories. You don't need to be an official, Ma, but you do need to be a guardian, a teacher and a mother. Overall, This Boy's Life was not the worst movie I have ever seen (cough Kazaam) but it is very close. I probably won't recommend it because I already have an easier substitute. For half the rental price I will smear poop on your eyes which should effectively simulate the experience. This is Kevin Mitchell saying "It Stinks".

Armageddon (1998)
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If you liked this, you're what's wrong with America, 20 November 2006

this movie put a tear in my eye, mainly because i had to stab myself in the leg to take my mind off of it. all my friends like this movie and i can only look at them with astonishment. i watch movies to be entertained not have my life sucked out of me. the only thing that could have saved this...Thing is if the earth was destroyed that way i could have at least enjoyed Liv Tyler's emotionless death. this is the old testimate that no matter how much money you put into a movie and how many big stars you get you can't fix a bad script. you can spray paint a turd what every color you want it will still have a nice poopy core.

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worth watching even if you are a Jewish, retarded, gay, kazakhstany woman who hates America., 14 November 2006

if you are not Jewish, kazakhstany and have a pulse you should love this movie. Borat does every thing people wish they could to a does it with an immunity to punishment because the people he is interviewing (whom you can call victims) believe he is a foreigner and does not know any better. his political incorrectness and overall poor taste are a laugh riot. this movie is so chockful of funny moments that when leaving the theater you don't want to repeat them for fear of leaving something out. i have never laughed harder at a movie in my life, and i saw Plan 9 from outer space (inside joke for anyone who has seen that piece of crap). worth watching even if you are a Jewish, retarded, gay, kazakhstany woman who hates America. 10 out of 10