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A List Of Time Travel Movies And TV Shows I have seen some good some not so good.
I often update these so feel free to check back.
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My Best TV Shows I like & Have Watched.
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My List of Doggy and Dog Films
List is still being updated so keep checking back if you like.
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End of the World Apocalyptic Disaster Films and movies which I have seen & The Asylum Films. Syfy channel
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My Best Films From 2010 to Pressent Day
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My favourite TV shows cancelled by networks or wish had more seasons.
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List of shows which been on channels ITV , ITV2 , ITV3 , ITV4 , ITVbe and encore + CITV.
Some may have moved to ITV from other channels in the past but are on ITV in UK.
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My best movies from the 90s 1990 to 1999
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List of BBC TV Shows series seasons from channels BBC1 , BBC2 , BBC3 BBC4 in UK

Some shows might be on other channels now but these were on BBC first.
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My Favourite Christmas Films , Movies And Shows From TV Channels True Christmas , Christmas 24 & others plus Channel 5 , Hallmark Channel , ABC Family , Sony Movies , STARZ . Never-ending List
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My best 80s Films & Movies from 1980 to 1989
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My Best Films And Movies From The Noughties 2000 to 2009
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My Best Star Trek Shows In Order right now Voyager TNG DS9 Enterprise TOS

Comment what your order is if you like.
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My Best Child Actors Under 16
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My Movie list
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