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Obviously everything has its price. But no reasonable or affordable amount of money, i.e. between $10 and $20, could persuade me to sit through any of these.

One no: you need at least $100 to get me onboard

Two noes: $300 plus dinner

Three noes: in the $500 range, plus dinner at an establishment of my choosing

Four noes: $500 - $1000, and if it were worse than I thought it would be, dinner, plus breakfast and lunch the next day, and you have to help me exorcise the movie from my head

Five noes (or more): Totally not worth it. (Assuming you're even able to convince me with money, it would take a bare minimum of ten C notes to even get me to start watching. I would probably need generous persuasion to keep watching - we're talking hundreds here - and any favor I ask granted without question for a week. This includes paying for emotional therapy)
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In a centuries old mansion on the outskirts of Budapest Hungary, in a world where nothing makes any sense, but everybody just runs with it anyway, werewolf Lucian tries to find out why his bitter inexplicable vampire relative, Lord Viktor, refuses to let anyone use the mysterious South Wing Lounge, colloquially known as the 'Zurg Room,' - where he hopes to play video games with his vampire girlfriend Sonja, before he leaves for America to play professional football - but is unprepared for just how bizarre things get.
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I'm not the biggest fan of the Old Kingdom trilogy - I didn't care for the manner in which the most prominent theme was presented - but it was a fascinating read, and I had more than a few ideas for a cast/crew of a hypothetical movie version.
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Obviously since there are only eight films, these people couldn't possibly have all worked on the Harry Potter films, but this list is compiled of composers who I think would have done phenomenally if they had been brought on.
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My ideas for a cast of a re-adaptation of Philip K. Dick's story "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"