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A book editor and struggling author goes to meet his hero and tries to win him over., 22 March 2006

Without spoiling this wonderful movie, I will say that it is Harvey Keitel at his best. A gruff and cantankerous ex-writer who ultimately befriends a "wannabe" writer. Each teaching the other about life, living, and how to take a chance. Superb cast—Claire Forlani shines (as usual), Harvey Keitel is phenomenal and VERY realistic, Joshua Jackson is at his best. The brilliant director easily could have been one of the great European directors of the past who allows the actors to flesh out the characters without superimposing his/her own desires on them. The supporting cast is also wonderful and the location serves the purpose of drawing you in, daring you to come and join the landscape without becoming the star (as in "Under the Tuscan Sun"). I will watch it again and again. I'm looking for it to be released on DVD.