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Canary (2004)
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Simple, stunning *minimal spoilers, not full disclosure*, 21 September 2007

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I had the chance to see this at the local museum during an Iranian film festival they were hosting. It is directed by an Iranian director, but set in Palestine. For me it was a chance to see a side of the Israeli/Palestine conflict that isn't often shown. Mostly, here in America, we see the Israeli side. This focuses on the Palestinian side.

This was the story of a young boy whose family is being torn apart by the conflict. His father is forced to go into hiding, and his brother becomes involved in the local militia groups. The child, about 8 or 9 years old, is given a canary to care for by a local priest, as a means of diversion, giving the child control over at least one thing in his life. He takes it very seriously, protecting it from local bullies and building it a room of its own. You see his every day life, his mother and sisters moving about the home where they live. You see him at school with the other children, and you see him in the fields near the village with the canary.

It is an incredibly moving film that I highly recommend. I never cry in movies, but this one had virtually the entire theater in tears. If you ever get a chance to watch it, do.

Asteroid (1997) (TV)
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Poor Annabella Sciorra, 12 April 2007

How did she get caught up in this movie? I loved Annabella Sciorra in "What Dreams May Come", but this was just ridiculous.

It was so terrible it was hilarious. Being from Texas, I had to watch it. Obviously, these people did not do ANY research at all before they started this movie because Dallas County is one of only 35 counties in Texas that does NOT have oil fields. And yet somehow, that tiny asteroid was able to set the oil fields in Dallas on fire. Miraculous! Also, those people would not be wearing long sleeves in July in Dallas, where the temperatures rarely drop below 90 degrees, even at night.

Watch only if you want a good laugh.