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Just a few movies that will leave a mark on you... psychologically. :)
I will try not to include movies that make a big impression trough other means (for example great twists, memorable quotes or scenes etc.). This however does not necessarily mean that the movies do not contain one or more of these elements...
I'm also open for suggestions.
Thank you.
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List of the best movies (based on my humble opinion) since the beginnings until the year 2010 from all genres, from any country, NOT including movies I haven't seen yet.

Feel free to make suggestions, share opinions. There's a faint chance you can change my mind... :)
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Including characters from every gender, type, sex, style, belief, etc...
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+1... >:)
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Movies that leave you walking on clouds, that bring back your good disposition no matter how sad you feel. So whenever you need a pick-me-up... watch one of these. :)

It will be kind of hard for you to guess which films I would put in this category... but please feel free to suggest others. (but don't be offended if they don't make the list).

Thank You.
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If I missed some, write a comment with them. Thanks
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Considering only roles played under 18 years.
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"The smaller the number the more I hate their acting. :)"

This is the least serious list that I made. It took me about 5 minutes... so what does that tell you?... all my other list are well thought out, and deserve far more consideration then this one.
I consider it sad that this stupid list gets, by far, the most attention from all.
It just goes to show, that people care more for senseless, puerile and obviously idiotic things than something of real value or taste.
I do respect everyone's opinion, but please, if you don't have anything constructive to say, take a look at my other lists instead of posting some stupid commentary here.
Thank you.
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The movies up for the Oscar-race in 2011, in my order of liking. :)

P.S.: (my predictions/ opinions)
Best Picture: I am sincerely rooting for Black Swan... even though I'd put my money on The King's Speech.
For best actor: Colin Firth ( I also liked James Franco)
For best actress: Natalie Portman ( If she doesn't win, I'll consider all Hollywood-Oscar hippocracy-theorys proven)
For best director: David Fincher ( or maybe Aronofsky, who pulled off a wonderful job on Black Swan)
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As some might already know, I am a true fan of Tarantino and his work. So as a tribute to his art, here's my list of all his movies, in order, from brilliantly amazing to simply very good: (not including series episodes from ER, CSI).
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In my order of preference:


My "Big Five" opinions:

Best Movie: Inglorious Basterds
Best Actor: Christoph Waltz
Best Actress: Sandra Bullock
Best Director: Quentin Tarantino
Best Screenplay: Mark Boal for The Hurt Locker (or Quentin Tarantino for Inglorious Basterds)
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best "one-man-army" movies out there...
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Not considering the ones that you can take as TV series, like South Park, Simpsons and so on... and neither movie-length animations.
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movie length animations.
I know most of you won't agree with the order and content of this list... so you may address your questions and opinions to any nearby brick wall.

Thank You. :)
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In the order of my twisted side's preference >:) !

Feel free to suggest others...