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I love horror, so I am well aware that this list is incomplete. I’m constantly adding to it though – there are so many horror films I want to see. Anyway, from those I’ve seen, these are the ones I’d recommend to others who love the genre. Not all of them are great; some of them are pretty terrible; but I think they all have something to offer (a decent set-piece, interesting use of special effects, a memorable moment, etc.)

For the purpose of this list I decided to keep the term ‘Horror’ loosely defined. I’ve included some mystery/thrillers I found particularly tense, as well as action films with horror elements. Also there are comedies and animated films that I believe are indebted to horror.

Anyway, enjoy. Horror remains such an under-appreciated genre that most dismiss far too easily.
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A list of comedy films that made me laugh, and that I would happily watch again. I'll be constantly adding to this, and possibly removing some if they don't hold up well on a second viewing. There are obviously a lot of great, well-known films missing, as well as a general dearth of anything made before 1970, but oh well, I'll get there eventually. Also, I really need to start watching more foreign comedies. Comedy is pretty subjective so there's no point complaining if you see something you hate (trust me, there are a lot of 'bad' films on here). Make a recommendation if you want though. In rough alphabetical order.
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Either ‘Hit’ or ‘Miss’ – not compared to one another, but rating is dependant on my expectations and ultimate enjoyment of the film.
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Every animated film that I can remember having seen
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A list of teen films I've seen and enjoyed. I'm sure there are plenty more I am yet to see that are worth watching; suggest a few if you want.

Some are only loosely defined as 'Teen films'. Some are college-aged.

In alphabetical order.

i'm not claiming all of these films are great (some are very mediocre), but I enjoyed them all for what they are.

Not including sequels.

Now including animated films about teenagers.
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Film adaptations of comic books, graphic novels, manga and comic strips that I have seen.
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My DVD collection is a mishmash of good and bad titles. I go through stages of buying things, but tend to download too often these days. Most of what I own I bought on impulse.
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The unattractive cousin of straight-to-video releases. Rarely acknowledged at gatherings.

I've included TV films that spun off from TV Shows that were based on theatrical films, e.g. Gidget.
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