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Another Great Episode of the SCG!, 22 November 2005

This is the 2nd in the 5 episode, "Sugar Creek Gang Series". Both my family and myself found it enjoyable. Since I haven't read the book, I am not sure how this episode is as an adaption, but if it is like the first one, it should stay pretty close to the main story line. While I prefer "The Swamp Robber" better as a story, this was still a very good sequel. In fact I thought the story itself flowed much better than the first one did. I am looking forward to seeing the other three that are now available. My one problem that I have with them, is that Poetry doesn't live up to his name like he did in the book. I am thankful to Kalon Media for producing this series and I hope they continue beyond just the 5 they had originally planned to release. If you are looking for a good clean, fun series for your children to watch, then be sure to check out the "Sugar Creek Gang" series!

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Cute!, 7 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

We received the set of the Kids 10 Commandments for Christmas and have enjoyed them. The set includes five DVD's, each of which has a story that covers 2 of the 10 commandments. They have some known names behind the voices such as Jodi Benson from "The Little Mermaid" and special guest appearances from Tim Curry and Lou Diamond Phillips.

The story is about a little Israelite named Seth who has some adventures in the Wilderness along with his animals (which include a donkey, a lamb, a camel, a goat and a rat, that talk to each other but not the humans)after God had led them out of Egypt. In each of these adventures he learns a couple of the commandments.

"A Life and Seth Situation" and "Toying with the Truth" are my favorites (as well as my oldest daughters). I think they are well done and enjoyable. **May contain a SPOILER** My only problem with the series is that they show God writing the replacement set of commandments, when according to the Bible, Moses had to recarve them with his own hand. *** End of SPOILER*** Overall these are a cute set of stories, that are very enjoyable to watch and convey a good moral.

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Good Clean Family Film, 4 November 2005

I saw the "Sugar Creek Gang and the Swamp Robber" this past week and I thought the DVD stuck pretty close to the book's (by Paul Hutchens) storyline. There were a few changes - Circus is a girl and Dragonfly's sister, Bob and Tom Till from the other books were also added in to this story. Charlotte Anne, Bill's sister who was born in the book, is about 7 years old in the movie and Bill doesn't have red hair. The ending was a little strange, but I believe they did it to make way for the sequels that are to come after it. The music was sometimes a little too loud and didn't necessarily fit well in a couple of places. I really enjoyed it and so did my children as well as my nephew. It was a good, clean family film which is getting harder to find nowadays, and I am looking forward to the other four DVD's that are to follow.