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Great movie!, 28 February 2006

This film is absolutely fantastic! Madonna, as usual, is so great... It's interesting to learn all the process of the show and all the work that is done by people! Every Madonna's fans will love it .. and the others.. you should like it because everybody loves the Queen! ;-)I think it's a good film to know more about Madonna and her "new life". There are a lot of talented people in it that deserve to be discovered like Stuart Price, her musical director, and all of her excellent dancers!! The documentary is done in a very spiritual mood, but the're also a lot of humor. Madonna, Her husband, Guy Ritchie and her children are lovely and it's cool to enter in their world for about 2 hours... Plus, it's a good way to understand things that are going on in the world. It's not SO political, but there's a bit of that. We can see Michael Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and many other artist that support Madonna in the film.Finally, you must see it. It worth a sincere 10/10. :) P.S Sorry for the bad quality of my writing, but i'm french!!!