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Oh Auntie, What have you done?, 2 February 2006

This was yet another gem from the writing and performing team behind "Hi-de-Hi" and "You rang M'Lord?". It was on on a Sunday night at 6.30 and it was absolutely fantastic. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Jeffrey Holland. He is a very sexy man and an incredible actor. Seeing him play a miserable man after watching him as funny man Spike Dixon is a delight. Paul Shane is a bit hit and miss. I have never rated him as an actor, but I like his delivery of funny lines. He is a comedian, not an actor. Su Pollard is a delight as always, she is a very funny actress and her eye rolls are brilliant. Stephen Lewis is good but not used as much as I would like. He has made a career from playing the same character in nearly every show he is in. Pay special attention to the actor who plays Wilfred, he is so funny, even when he doesn't have a line. It's a shame that this series wasn't given as much backing as other shows on the Beeb. It is fascinating watching the characters deal with the possibility of losing their station. This is a series that should have been allowed to mature, it is a gentle comedy, not having to rely on horrible characters (apart from the obvious- "Doctor Beeching")or bad language It was set during the 1960's and the characters were waiting for Doctor Beeching to decide whether or not he was closing down the railways. Sometimes the acting was a bit hit-or-miss, or the jokes were b it vague, but n the whole it was a fantastic show. It's only a shame it isn't repeated as much as Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em or Only Fools and Horses. In life today we need a gentle comedy like this to remind us that we can ave a laugh and enjoy ourselves. I'm only glad that both series have been released to buy, I have just rushed out and bought them. Come on, everyone knows the theme tune, sung by the cast: "Oh Doctor Beeching, What have you done? There were once lots of trains to catch, But soon there will be none. I'll have to buy a bike Cuz I can't afford a car, Oh Doctor Beeching, What a naughty man you are!" Come On BBC, give us more, PLEASE!!!!

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Start to live your' life, whatever your' age!, 21 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of the better programmes that the BBC have been responsible for over the last ten years. This show was both brave and groundbreaking. Not only did it show that people over sixty weren't going to be content with sitting by the fire and drinking cups of cocoa, but it shows us that your life is not set in stone. There is always the possibility that one day something will happen to make you re-evaluate your' life. Focusing on the relationship between Ray the Cabbie and Jim the retired school-teacher, this drama made me both laugh and cry. At first there was real tension, showing that these two were complete opposites in the other's world. But the friendship develops into something beautiful. I enjoyed watching how they went from being friendly to realising that they had a much more physical attraction to each other.(It was beautiful the way they had their first kiss, both sensual and nervous) You also cheer when Ray's children realise that he is going to start living his life, not just be around for them.

The ending will have you both jumping for joy and crying with tears of happiness, but also shouting with frustration that it is only a one-off show. Well done, Auntie. You've set the precedent, now it's time to give us plenty more worthwhile programmes!