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Trapped (2009/II)
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5.5 out of what?, 19 February 2011

I knew I was in trouble the moment cheesy jazz music what floated over a nondescript house. The opening steady cam shot confirmed it. I was watching a freaking dud.

Thank god I paid nothing to see this, but erasing it from my memory will require more than a few strong shots and probably gnawing a finger or two off.

Good god, where do they find this crap writing??? even worse is the lame acting.

Wait until you get a listen to the soundtrack, its probably amongst the worst I've ever heard.

I am sure that 74,999.00 went to paying Corbin Bernsen (how is career has ended up in the toilet).

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Looking for a great movie?? keep looking, this ain't it, 15 February 2011

I am guessing that with 14 members in the band, each knowing 5 people, it is possible for this to have a high rating. Based on watching and listening to this band though, you'd have to wonder the quantity of drugs that were ingested prior to their performance.

This is a hodge-podge of mediocrity and self aggrandizement. This band claims to be Toronto's band, much in the same way that the SkyDome was Toronto's attempt to be a sports capital.

If you need to kill some time, try picking your toes, at least it offered me more entertainment than this lame wannabe attempt at being cool.

13 (2010/I)
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I paid the right price... nothing, 3 December 2010

I really don't understand how movies like this get made. Step one, half ass a cast together of "big names" and provide a silly premise.

Step two, give someone top billing even though their role is the lesser part of 5 minutes.

Step three, find a rapper that has no talent so that your culturally bereft urban youth have a reason to see the movie.

Step four,rely upon arty cinematography as the culturalification of the movie, legitimizing that its no better than a bottom shelf rental.

Alright, get the idea? movies these days suck, no wonder I won't pay to see one.

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If you need to kill some time -- let me suggest self mutilation., 27 July 2010

I was conned by the actors. A cast worthy of a decent evening's entertainment. There may be some film making talent involved with this picture, but they somehow manage to completely bore me, despite an attractive group of women, and funny and charismatic men.

The premise would have been far more interesting if I actually gave a damn about any of the characters. Unfortunately I really can't say anything good about this film other than the fact that if one person reads this review and doesn't see it, I feel I've done some public service.

Shame on the makers of this movie, wasting a good cast with lame fight scenes filled with uninspired dialogue and even less interesting deaths.