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The definitive (okay, just in my opinion!) list of 100 most beautiful movie star women. I've seen so many forward-thinking lists, and this is my take, spanning from the beginning of film to the modern era.

FYI: it was never supposed to be ranked. It was originally in vaguely chronological order except for some later additions at the bottom.
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I've seen some random *beep* And too bad I didn't see the MST3K versions of some of these!
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These are some of my favorite actors and among the most watchable. They can (or did) carry any movie and get me to watch. I think to qualify for this list, they must never have made a movie that, if I started watching it, I wasn't able to sit through!
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The movies that, over the course of my life, have entertained, moved, or impressed me the most, as of right now. Obviously I'm a child of the '90s. ;) I hesitate to say that they are in definite order; actually, the order is more stream of consciousness even though I do keep a personal list. I know, I have very mainstream and frequently juvenile taste, though I like to think it's much more eclectic than it could be. So feel free to comment - have at it and feel free to offer recommendations if you so desire (but don't assume if it's not here I haven't seen it).