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Worse than Armmegedeon?, 12 July 2009

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I only give this movie 3 out of 10 stars out of respect to a couple of actors, Stacy Keach and Christoper Lloyd. Mr. Lloyd dies 20 or 30 minutes into the movie. For this I am sure he is grateful for an end of being paired with Ms. Marla Sokoloff and her sub 30 something ranting of her character. The only positive part of this movie is that I did not have to pay and watch this piece of trash. This movie sucks big time if you want to was an asteroid hits the Earth movie watch Deep Impact. Watch Armageddon. At least with that movie the character development was better and the actors were not sleep walking their way through the movie wondering when the next payday is coming up. All I have to say is go and get When Worlds Collide and enjoy a good end of the world movie.