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Atomic Energy Commission Post War advisory confirmation with Univ of Chicago concerning security studies with military science, 18 December 2009

"In April 1946, the University of Chicago agreed to operate Argonne National Laboratory, with an association of Midwestern universities offering to sponsor the research. Argonne thereby became the first "national" laboratory. It did not, however, remain at its original location in the Argonne forest. In 1947, it moved farther west from the "Windy City" to a new site on Illinois farmland. When Alvin Weinberg visited Argonne's director, Walter Zinn, in 1947, he asked him what kind of reactor was to be built at the new site. When Zinn described a heavy-water reactor operating at one-tenth the power of the Materials Testing Reactor under design at Oak Ridge, Weinberg joked it would be simpler if Zinn took the Oak Ridge design and operated the Materials Testing Reactor at one-tenth capacity. The joke proved unintentionally prophetic."

The S-50 plant used convection to separate the isotopes in thousands of tall columns. It was built next to the K-25 power plant, which provided the necessary steam. Much less efficient than K-25, the S-50 plant was torn down after the war.

Concerned that the Atomic Energy Commission research program might become too academic, Lilienthal established a committee of industrial advisers, and during a November visit to Oak Ridge, he discussed with Clark Center, manager of Carbide & Carbon, a subsidiary of Union Carbide Corporation at Oak Ridge, the possibility of the company assuming management of the Laboratory.

Prince Henry (of Prussia) Arriving in Washington and Visiting the German Embassy (1902). Evidently, with Prince Henry of Prussia according to the principles of science and its dangers their were already concerns with the applications of new science with military applications. The Hohenzollern (1902/II), "Kaiser Wilhelm's splendid yacht at the 34th St. Pier, New York. Taken at the exact moment of Prince Henry's arrival, and the raising of the royal standard." If Royalty knew of these necessary precautions to citizen welfare then what was the necessity of the warfare WWI and WWII. The quality of management control I presume?

Thus, did the commandos of Operation Swallow volunteer for a military mission, or a business plan, based on the security principles of Laboratory management? Because supposedly their were no survivors, and the ones who were caught in Europe ordered to be executed. Of the 400 man commando team the survivors who were captured were executed under orders of the German Army against subversion, and espionage acts of the State of Germany.

The Führer No. 003830/42 g. Kdos. OKW/WFSt, Führer HQ, 18 Oct. 1942, (signed) Adolph Hitler; Translation of Document no. 498-PS, Office of U.S. Chief of Counsel, certified true copy Kipp Major, declassified DOD 5200.30 March 23, 1983, reproduced at the U.S. National Archives.

The OSS Society® 6723 Whittier Ave., 200 McLean, VA 22101

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Emergency Operations: Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse, 2 June 2009

Vol. 55 Federal Regulations 51056, National Communications System Executive Orders 12472, Dec. 11th 1990

Vol. 69 Federal Regulations 17052, The Information Security Oversight Office Executive Order 12958, "Classified National Security Information" Sec. 5.3(c), April 1st 2004

Title 28 Code of Federal Regulations 17.3 Ch. 1 Department of Justice Part 17 Subpart B

National Nuclear Security Administration: Emergency Operations

Under EO 12472 and federal regulations 12958 and 17052 Title 28 CFR 17.3 the Department of Justice must determine how to best intervene with the law involving the protection of the national infrastructure for The Information Security Oversight. People have to make these decisions against the threat of the machines we have built and the dangers they impose upon us as people.

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Investigation of Logical Design Roles with Duty, Love, and Creation of Society, 14 October 2007

Forbidden Planet is an interesting plot which tells about analogous society's for intelligent life. The dominant intelligence for some reason has been extinguished only to be investigated by a population of human scientists. For some reason un-known to the investigation follow-up team from the military forces the existing population of colonists have disappeared leaving only a father and daughter.

From the perspective of the scientist the military investigation is a nuisance to his research. Only to ask questions that the research of the scientist can-not explain. However the military is obligated to its duty and honor for its people.

Eventually, when the military began to re-educate the daughter of the scientist strange energy forces begin to destroy the military team. Eventually, the cause is determined by the scientists own research and experimentation with the previous intelligent life mind enhancing machines. This energy also began to threaten the scientists daughter due to their association with the military team. Thus, the scientists own mental energy was proved to be an overall threat to the military due to the bias of the scientific perspective concerning military involvement with scientific research of intelligent life.

I think the role of love and duty as emotions within logic are very key elements of this screen-play. The story of passion and curiosity for what can establish a life balance is unique for the scientist and military personnel. The role of duty of men to country and their people is portrayed in symbolic fashion with the use of military weapons, defense, uniform dress just as witnessed by real archaeological records.

I think the solidarity of the scientist does not reflect the real world perspective of scientists due to common disciplines sharing and collaborating with information to excel with comprehensive understanding. However, the movie plot makes solidarity a super power analogous to creation of life itself. This is accomplished by defining the intelligent life being studied as the fixation through independent discovery upon logical determination and is confirmed with the uses of the intelligent design technology.

Okinawa Martial Arts and film accuracy, 28 July 2007

This movie is pretty good. The accuracy in film according to the martial arts if pretty fair. Even after only having a minimum experience of about 12 years in Okinawa Martial Arts known as Uechi Ryu I can attest that the basic principles are followed. The unique character that is developed within the plot summary according to the student teacher relationship is very entertaining. I think the methods make the film entertaining as well as have moral value.

In Karate Kid the martial arts is made to be taken seriously while promoting the nature of entertainment with accuracy of the martial art itself. The fundamental philosophical concepts are well grounded in the moral facts of life. I think many people enjoy this film as much as trying to understand the philosophical values of martial art, and the actual real martial art principles of Okinawa Martial Arts.

Stalker (1979)
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Risk assessment for Omen Geni profiler team, 17 July 2007

Stalker is a unique film about risk and the assessment risk while working with people who have strong desires to undergo dangerous conditions. I think the film has many concepts under the central theme of risk and who is willing to discover.

Discovery itself is the assessment of phenomena. In Stalker it is the phenomena related to different character types or profiles. First, a guide who is knowledgeable about evading military and police security. Second persons who have money, or inherent value, to promote themselves for the new discovery. The promise is that the new discovery will alter their lives with new hope.

I use the summary title Risk Assement for Omen Geni Profiler Team, because the military assesses the area of discovery to be off limits to the public. The so called zone in the film where risk takes place is a figurative psychological state that incurs transition. Thus my interpretation of uses of transitional film color from black and white to full color. The induced para-psychology undergoes different effects pertaining to the character. Which is symbolic in the film of how they proceed in the figurative metal state with taking turns with direction, how they proceed as individuals, what precautions each member of the team is willing to use.

"Omen Geni" is a Russian term used by military to make diminutive or few, this idea is common to a regimental system of military or police state psychology due to the need for order. Thus, any ideas which may stray from that order need the assessment of the "Omen Geni" profiler to determine there risk to the social order. It is this paradox that given the human nature that the film mocks as a para-psychological thriller of color contrast as the human spirit is adulterated by the new ideas of Gods world.

I think the director and producer are also saying that the most relevant conditions of the environment while in the zone represent reality in the sense of destitute and disaster. The presence of environmental un-natural debris, litter, and or destruction of society as known to man-kind is their acknowledged presence of where the zone actually occurs in reality. Meaning that discovery itself from man-kind given any psychology to produce un-natural surroundings to the natural environment is most noticeable without utility. Even a simple spoon under water is a good utensil, but not properly used obviously out of its place in society.

Since I myself am a natural scientist for both humane and military essences the truth to a well documented discovery lies in the least amount of risk; first for reproduce-ability, and second for the inherent quality. Thus the making of diminutive risk is best for any conclusion by the objective of this film concerning discovery.

Revelations of artwork, interpretation of a pagan occult practice, 25 June 2007

The Ninth Gate is a very entertaining movie which makes the pagan occult of un-holy communes a spectacle. The sound selection seemed adequate and not overly done. I think the major roles of each character were well laid within the plot as the story was un-told. The plot of having a book detective investigate authentic claims of publication is unique. I think Johnny Dep plays a fairly good role.

I am trying to understand the role of illustrations with-in the plot, un-less to reveal a second story as the ending may infer as the book detective walks into the rising sun of the East. Visual cues are a definite link to the great entertainment of audio-visual works of art. The ancient Greeks used masks with auditory megaphones to help communicate to the audience. The details of any great work of art are in the details as well. Which can be said for painting, drawings, etc.

Personally I would like to see a sequel of how Middle Eastern thought may be involved with the concept of paper illustrations. The Sun itself is a religious icon in the Middle East, which coincides with the power of heat and light over darkness. As singular thought to re-recognize true natural power is the essence of society. To master one-self and co-ordinate others to harness the power of nature seems the object of how the sequel should continue this story.

In retrospect the use of fire and natural lighting is very play-full right up to the very end, or climax. I think the passion of the human spirit as portrayed as a natural energy for the quest for authentic knowledge was also done with very good artistic ability in this film, The Ninth Gate. As for the natural power of pagan occult practices with use of gender the differences between male and female seem obvious. This is a curious facet as compared with the use of symbols where the pentagram is primarily used instead of a waning or waxing phase of the moon.

Se7en (1995)
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Morgan Freeman, another Zodiac killer detective, 13 May 2007

In this analysis the number system based on 12 using 7 is analyzed as symbolic under the Christian Orthodox faith. This case deals with visual-audio signals used by a serial killer professing to be a judge of 7 deadly sins. By his judgment actor Kevin Spacey plays the role of the executioner.

What does 7 really mean from the Bible. The 7 Churches of Ephesus in Persia were well known during the time of Jesus Christ in the Middle East. Does 7 really have a symbolic notion underlying a meaning that is a numeration of sins recognized by the Chatholic faith that are meant have no other judgment but death by the nature of that sin, and carnation.

Judgement of life questions the essence of spiritual energy that for Roman Catholics is the Holy Spirit. As for philosophy of science we are determined to have free will or determination to act. This is the duality of Jesus Christ where people are utilized due to the essence of the Holy Spirit from the father for political science and administration of justice. Thus, the motives of actor Kevin Spacey in this film as analyzed by actor Morgan Freeman as a detective are based on a catalog of environmental stress over time that manifests itself as becoming a good judge of people. The climax ending is the truth to the plot of Seven, that actor Kevin Spacey is his own Jesus Christ with the above understanding of an Orthodox viewpoint and mundane references to numerous accounts of how the number seven is used in the Holy Bible.

I question the plot of this film based on the use of numbers as with other television shows such as the Electric Company from Public Broacasting System (PBS), and Himitsu Setai Goranger. As based on natural science theory and philosophy of science as the Freemansons utilized history and great minds to create new technology they manipulated numbers. Other than for analysis key historic dates were 1717 and 1919. I think an argument can be made as much as why the number seven is a focal point but of little value in the Holy Bible as numbers are used by Freemasons to establish brotherhood, or occult.

Personally I would like to see the actor Morgan Freeman and actor James Earl Jones appear in a film plot as wise men traveling to see the Emperial Chinese family of the Han Dynasty for information to save their people. As found by the valuable silk road into Africa, where the stars are used with ancient astrology. They in turn exchange stolen information about an Egyptian djed.

Tao of Pooh, 29 April 2007

I read the Tao of Pooh, which focuses on the East Asian philosophy and the innocence of Pooh. I think Pooh as a concept from England is characteristic of other myth created in England such as Alice in Wonderland. Innocence is a difficult concept to teach once we have been born into a world of environmental stress. For this reason I like to see more of Pooh associated with emptiness type philosophy such as Zen Buddhism as well. Pooh as a constant empty vessel that gets filled with different ideas is both comical and distressful. Because it makes the character of Pooh seem like they can not learn, which I do think is relevant for any animal. So, as the symbol of innocence Pooh has both good and bad concepts founded in education. This is why I say it is more the Tao of Pooh.

Zodiac (2007)
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Plot analysis of Zodiac motives, a true story, 8 April 2007

This film is an excellent documentary. Its method of documentary the past is excellent. The cinematography in color and sound is also excellent. The reasoning for camera angles is the key to telling this story, just as the motives of the Zodiac killer himself. A logical design within a design for a theatrical plot.

I camera angle is intended to give the audience a perspective. The audience is what the director intends to persuade with his story-telling in audio-visual format. This is curious since the director of this film eludes to certain facts about the Zodiac killer's character such as listening to record playing music, the type of pistol used, the type of knife used. How was the record of history used? The logical motives of the Zodiac killer was to instill fear in the police by terrorism of children at random. Then supposedly he followed up with phone calls to file their complaint to the authorities. In this movie his complaint was that his lust for terror could not be satisfied no matter how many persons he killed. His lust for the method of killing was also a great influence to his motivation. The use of guns and knives physical violence, while it was communicated to the authorities by himself.

Why did the killer use record music in this film. What was the killer listening to? The Zodiac was a clever code like any language. A logical code based on survival instincts, to feed a hunger. Not like a hunger for food, which was the one intent of the original Zodiac to depict seasonal change for farming. I was based on what we see in the sky, in the stars as direction in our lives. Maybe, he felt like the director in this film when he could hear the beautiful music at his command.

The Zodiac killer is said to have enjoyed killing people more than wild animals. His intentions to conceal his identity within the Zodiac code is curious as the human nature of language itself. Why would both a phone call and written letters be used? Why not just one method of communication. The audio-visual nature of the communication process denotes a separation in the thought process into two motives. The psychosis of what is heard is admission, because the admission of enjoying human torture and death is also self annihilation. The visual code would indicate a second motive to conceal, or mislead, or further terrorism. As with both audio and visual a record can be made as knowledge, this record is his command of reality.

The Zodiac Killer hence enjoys the record he is making of a command of death for humans, and his reality. Because there is some selection process. The Zodiac is human nature's way to determine direction, and time of year. It is at the time of the Zodiac Killer an international coordinate system that is codified as a science. Just as the criminal justice process was codified as a science. His killing tactics however, contradict both his motives and science. His killing tactics are based on terrorism, intimidation, and homicide. His command of science with the use of the Zodiac, writing, and the telephone suggest a logical modus. Hence a planned motive of audio-visual evidence.

I note that given the time period of the Zodiac killer the use of the telephone was not known to be recorded as 911 calls are today for evidence. Or the science and technology for use was not public, thus expert witness of criminal justice system was manipulated to possibly expose some hidden secret of planned homicide and use of telecommunications for criminal justice.

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AFRL-SR-BL-TR-01-0349 Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), 8 April 2007

If this film title were true, then I am sure the Air Force Office of Scientific Research would know about it. Ultimately since world war II the use of long distance airplanes, the submarine, and the hydrogen bomb have made man the ultimate threat against himself.

I have referenced AFRL-SR-BL-TR-01-0349 because it is an internal code that was made un-classified. Just as this movie tries to un-veil about the X-files of military intelligence so did this program try to maintain a level of transparency in government. Also, the object was to identify management methods in US government and industry laboratories. I however think this was a cruel joke on society and sociology practice with infamous business analytics like Thomas Saaty, Joyce Alexander, Kevin Kearns, and Luis Vargas who made decision making in management a historic analytic process via publication and education.

However, the national security of American and allied citizens is always a role of any public servant. It is our civic duty as a citizen to report all threats to society. Even the methods of society.

I think that if national security was as much of threat today and in the era of this film as when the Roman Empire existed, or the Hittite Empire then the use of boats to disperse culture would have been more prevalent. I am assuming that the psychic powers mentioned in this film were genetic just as known genetic traits are passed down along generations with the knowledge of human heritage.

Thus questions of the objective of our National Security as technology has become more advanced. Methods to monitor, calculate, and even control people. This question is most likely the same as most civil leaders from Hiram Abbif builder of Solmons Temple from the city of Tyre, the Papal heads of state at the Vatician in Rome with famous inventors and scientists, and the Freemasons who have long since established lodges to promote brotherhood of society such as the Grand Lodge of England, Grand Orient de France, and Masonic Temple in Cincinnati Ohio USA. The main question I think should be what is our society made of and how should we defend it. If we are defending a greater cause than beyond man then it is not our cause to defend.

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