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Good effort and creative reuse of old show animation
24 May 2013
They took the old Filmation animated Star Trek series, used the 60 or so animated sequences that made up most of the show and redrew them for their cast and wrote their own shows. All doable on a standard laptop these days. It's a clever idea.

The cast don't really have it for great voice characters but I have noticed some Trek show people popping up in episodes, but I'm not sure if it's taken from old trek shows or they were paid to do a few lines.

Bring in more of the old show cast for cameos and it might make the show something people would want to check out.

Clever idea and I'm since Filmation is gone, I'm surprised it hasn't been done before.
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A must see for Trek Fans
24 May 2013
It's hard accepting a new look and a new cast if you're a fan of the old movies but it's a great Trek movie and well worth the price of admission.

The movie starts with some classic away mission fun and puts the movie on the right foot.

I used to make fun of old Doctor Who episodes for the bare sets and the cheesy effects but when you fill a movie screen with all kinds of special effects the way the new Trek movies do, it does become an unwelcome distraction. That's my only complaint. Don't lose the people in these new movies.
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Land of the Giants (1968–1970)
Kind of a lot of mad scientists
27 June 2011
I know it's just science fiction but I'm surprised by the sheer number of mad scientists. Did they land in a mad scientist gated community? And the same critter cage in every episode. Cut your way out once and you're good for two seasons.

And there are more humans coming and going in that same patch of forest. Are there human airliners crashing every day? And how does something 80 feet tall sneak up on them.

I've heard the novelizations are actually pretty good.

Irwin Allen was no Gene Roddenberry but his shows were more popular at the time than Trek was.
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Pom Poko (1994)
Drunk guys who see amazing stuff
16 December 2008
I enjoyed Pom Poko very much, and I think Disney will find a way to make money on it as soon as they can convince the American audience that Raccoons are marsupials.

During the monster parade, they show the standard scene of a drunk who is amazing by amazing stuff. Where did this begin? Was it Japan, America or somewhere else? I think an early Gamara movie has a similar scene.

In American toons, the drunk who sees amazing stuff usually produces a pint bottle and drops it on the ground.

Just like fruit carts will always be pushed over in the chase scene of every movie, every movie with amazing things will have a drunk to see it.
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