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JAMES BOND Franchise on the Path to Extinction!, 26 November 2008

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Quantum of Solace I am surprised this movie has gotten a 7.0 Rating … it should be rated a 2 or 3 at best (with the assumption that there will people out there they will rate a movie 10 even if Stinks!). You can NOT even tell if Quantum of Solace is a James Bond movie with the opening music … what a crock … what a waste of opening song … since when a Rap song qualifies for a James Bond series movie. I guess we are still trying the "Change" theme. It simply sucked! That is the only adjective that I can think of to describe the opening song. And what was with the opening Scenes … boy nothing like a James Bond … LAME, lame, lame! As far as Daniel Craig goes the Bond Franchise better start looking for someone else … please somebody tell this guy to act "Natural" biting your top lip constantly does NOT make You more James Bondish looking.

And for God's sake someone should FIRE Judi Dench (M) … it is the TIME for a new "M"! Actually 5 minutes into her first appearance with Peter Brosnan was time for her to QUIT! Even the Fans that like Daniel Craig they HATE her! She stinks! Can't quite put my finger on it but Really she ain't cutting the mustard.

What … no special Gadget in a James Bond movie … what gives fellas!!! They think a big screen with sliding windows apps qualifies for "High-Tech" gadgetry!?!? Action was fine! And that is all! The only reason I went to see this Movie was because I had a FREE Ticket! Otherwise would waited to see it on DVD and even then at a Friend's house so I don't have to pay for this crappy James Bond flick! Please, please, DON'T screw up the next James Bond flick! I am Die Hard James Bond Fan!


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Boring!, 8 May 2007

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Hi, May be because I am not a Theater major or a sophisticated movie watcher ... I think this movie is "Boring" and "Dumb".

I rented this movie because of Charles Bronson and it's title ... but boy what a waste of time ... just watching 2 guys sitting in a vault and talking ...

The movie on this DVD was so "DARK" ... I had hard time watching the darn movie ... I realize it is a 1968 movie ... but they are putting it on a DVD then they should do some digital remastering.

Also, I was totally surprised to see these high marks on IMDb for this movie ... like I said before I am not as sophisticated as the other folks who commented on this movie earlier.

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WORST Bond & James Bond Movie Ever!!!, 2 December 2006

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Hi folks,

If there was a lower score than 1, I would have Gladly picked that. What a WASTE of my money. This movie has passed beyond awful.

I thought after being totally disappointed in "Die Another Day" Bond movie ... since they casted the Un-talented Halle Berry as Jinx and making her part of Bond Girl history ... was bad enough ... but I guess the Producers, Casting Agents, and Directors are either sleeping at the helm or they figured ... all they have to do slap "007" in front a movie and whole bunch of idiots will rush to the movies and pay good money ... well, from the "Positive" reviews I have read here I guess they have assumed correctly ... because all of us rushed to the movies to see the Latest BOND Movie.

1) Daniel Craig ... he is the WORST Bond ever casted ... the guy DOES NOT look anything close to a Bond. He looks like a phony 007. He over-played his roles ... what is the deal with the guy and his bottom lip ... keep biting it or something to give him the "Sophisticated" Bond look ... GOD, PLEASE ... let this be his LAST FILM as BOND ... he SUCKS!

2) This Bond movie stinked as a whole ... there was hardly any suspense like the good old Bond movies used to have ... also where the heck were the usual Bond Gadgetry ... just a Stupid Tray popping out so he can use the needle to revive him ... what gives!?!?!? , in the old times with less technology Bond had more State-of-the-Art stuff ...

3) I am getting TIRED of "Judi Dench" as "M" ... this woman looks and sounds less and less realistic as the "M" ... OK, OK, so it sounds great with the Women Libs and all the other politically correct B.S. ... but when is Hollywood going to stop making Movies and Theatre as their Pulpit for getting their agenda thru ... please use other Crappy movies to do it with and LEAVE BOND movies alone ... for God's sake. ALSO, To director of this movie ... how Sexy is it to start the movie by zooming in some Old Bra's wrinkly and sagging Breasts ... meaning "M" ... Judi Dench ... who wanted to get a glimpse of her cleavage ... SICKENING .. I almost tossed my burrito on the head of the gal sitting in front of me in the Theatre.

I guess I better stop now ... since I am running out of time.

Bottom of the Line ...

A) Daniel Craig Got to Go! B) New "M" .. please. C) More suspense and Gadgetry for the next Bond.


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Awful Movie - Total Waste of Money & Time, 23 May 2006

I picked this DVD after I keep reading some good reviews on it. Matter of fact because of the rating and review that it got on IMDb (meaning you folks).

Well, I guess I better not hang my hat on these reviews ... because boy, was this a TOTAL WASTE OF MY $$$ and my time. The movie was so bad that I wanted to throw the DVD out in the trash. Then I decided what the heck I just give it away to a friend ... may be I get some thanks from her. My friend called me and told me that she has no need for this DVD ... she hated it to.

My question is ... how in the world anybody gave it more than a "1" rating it is beyond my comprehension.

Thanks! And Good Luck to the next unsuspecting fellow who goes for this DVD.