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great male voices

listed in top order but not finally sorted
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Complete - all 8 actors
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the bast of all time .... maybe I've miss 2-3 titles but I'm happy with the list
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SciFi Series that involve extraterrestrials, intraterrestrials or inter-dimensional beings.

The list was made from the rating of the scenarios and implementation of those 3 attributes.

Good series like Terra Nova, Quantum Leap, See Quest and many other do not fit in this category.
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By the way Matrix, and some other ScFi/Action titles, are not hacker films.
This is my opinion, like it, hate it, or just ignore it.
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Actually those are some of the best Action/Adventure Films I saw, also there are other to deserve to be in my top 20 but this list is made to cover the vast area of Action/Adventure movies that exists.
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Sequel Films like StarWars, StarTrek, Aliens, Terminator (and others), I put only one on the list despite the fact that more of them deserve to be here.

Also there are other SciFI films that deserve to be here. (but a top 20 is a short list)
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This top is made from the movies that I saw.
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This top is made from the movies that I saw. Being aware of potential other 2-3 movies that might enter my Top 20, I exclude them because I have not watched them yet.