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good starter, 12 March 2006

this is a good primer for anyone who is new to the bad movie scene. you can just search each one on the IMDb, or badmovie website or wherever. so, if your like me and sometimes want to look for a "new" movie to laugh at (or with), this will get you on track. as noted already, not too many surprising choices, but i saw a lot of clips from movies whose titles had escaped my memory. plus, it was only $9 at borders, so its cheap for a decent resource item.

again, not a groundbreking item (the usual ed wood disasters, also crawling terror, robot monster), and the narrators voice is kind of annoying, but all in all worth the money and time. plus if you've never seen some of these movies, you can start to greater appreciate the hilarious reviews many of these movies receive. iwas stupified at the clips from the crawling glaring omission- no beast of yucca flats?

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huh?, 14 January 2006

absolutely one of the worst movies i have ever seen. ponderous, poorly acted,poorly cast, and dumb. shall we count the ways? a slow motion montage of the vikings running on the beach

a viking gets shot in the ass with an arrow and dies

the black viking is supposed to be an African prisoner, but why does he wear viking clothes?

also the black viking somehow cut the tongue out of the man who captured him, during said fight! how can you lose that fight?

vikings never wore horned helmets, at least not in battle. they were ceremonial or religious in nature, and the only evidence of them comes from artwork. no artifacts.

why did the indians blind there viking prisoners, who seem to be waited on by the indians?

many more confusing items abound, and this film will become one your favorite COMEDIES the more you watch it.

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authentic, 10 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

may contain spoilers

Firstly, this is an extremely accurate version of the book. Anyone who has read knows there are long segments where nothing happens. there are a lot of parts about finding food, conversing with other survivors, etc. but this movie.... what was with all the weird color filters throughout the movie? and every "scream" in the movie sounded like it was taken from the old sega genesis game "altered beast".

i do, however, think the octopoidal aliens are much creepier than many modern, "viscious" looking aliens( why do these intellectually advanced beings need large claws and fangs, anyway?)