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Amazing. It's actually good., 5 September 2007

Many years ago captain scarlet and the mysterons was an old childhood favourite. I remember never getting tired of the angel's accent into their jets nor the long winded intro. Not to mention having laughs a when they used real people's hands for certain shots (the puppets couldn't grip things).

Ah memories. I think my first reaction when I heard of this new cgi remake was the same as any other scarlet fan. The outrage. How could they do this to scarlet? And so on. But were our worries confirmed? No.

Instead a new captain scarlet, up to date, action packed, displaying all things that tend to lack in children's TV these days. A complete re-invention. Characters with expressions for a change. Faster, more tense, episodes. New story lines. Great new gadgets. I'd even go so far to say this is better then the original but that's debatable.

This show took me aback when I first saw it. It wasn't bad it was brilliant. Just imagine all the restraints working with puppets caused now imagine the old show without them. Now you see where I'm coming from.

True the mysterons lack their creepiness. Lieutenant Green has been replaced. The driving backwards inside SPV's is gone. But does that really matter? If you have a kid boy at home aged say 5-10 there is a strong chance he'll love it as well as you (whatever age you are). Remember if you prefer the original Scarlet, this show is for the young viewer. To them this will be better.

This is one of those shows you need to give a chance. Don't copy my brother and hate it even though you've never watched a complete episode.

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Too many style clashes., 31 March 2007

A very well done film. Beautiful to watch, creepy, interesting, exciting, a very decent piece of work. But. What is it? Let me rephrase that question. Who was this film made for? The older adult audience or the younger child audience? I ask this because this film is both which doesn't really work does it. How can you have a family film with swearing, violence and people slicing other people's faces? Also how can you have an adult film which is clearly a family film about a child in a fantasy adventure. Is it a family film or an adult film? It's neither and that really spoils the film.

Also You've really got two different films going on here which really isn't needed and doesn't do this film any favours. You've got the fantasy film with the girl and also this war film with the adults. Both plots run parallel and sometimes meet. Fair enough but is that really needed? Do you need the war for the fantasy or the fantasy for the war? Now you see what I mean by style clashes. Why do you have both adult and child films locked into one? It doesn't work. You don't need the background setting at all for the fantasy part of the film. It could have been set anywhere at anytime and still worked. You also don't need the fantasy for the war. It may be a small complaint but to me it just ruins what could have been a good film. Pity really.

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A great idea destroyed and hailed because it's arty., 31 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Adverts made me interested, the writing on the back of the DVD box in the rental store made me think it'll be good. The plot had so many possibilities for an infinite number of funny scenes. It is advertised as a comedy isn't it? Was I wrong? I sat down at home and what happens? The intro not bad. Then the film begins and it drags. No jokes nothing. That's fine many comedies take time to begin. On and on it went. So quiet so boring. We finally (after what feels like hours of Bill Murry just sitting around looking bored himself) follow the quest to find the writer of the letter and it drags. You really feel the slowness of travelling: waiting for hours at airports, long drives across America (this is not a good thing). On and on the film goes with barely a hint of comedy. Then it ends. It just ends. What was the point? If you did find out if that young man was the son or who the mother was I was so bored by that time I couldn't be bothered anyway.

This isn't a comedy. The director should really be ashamed that he destroyed a good plot idea by doing this. He didn't even try. I really think people liked this film because they feel they have to. One of those films where if you admit you hate it you're deemed uncultured or something. Well I'll say I hated it.

This film is bad. This film is boring. This film doesn't even try to be funny. This film deserves to have all it's copies thrown onto a large fire. This film just kept on going and went nowhere.

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In the long run it's good. Just goes to show what's missing with kids TV. Adventure., 18 June 2006

Ah memories. Coming home from boredom and stress of school. On goes the TV and ahh, nice, watership down. Maybe it was the music that got me watching this. Who knows what it was but I know what made me keep watching it.

If anyone asks me which is better: films or TV series's, I'd have to say TV series's. Why? Mainly because if you make a film you're stuck having to make it all fit into say one or two hours (three sometimes) and even when you're making a film of a book a lot can be missed out. Non readers of that book can be lost with events and sayings which were only explained in the book. With a TV series you have time to spread things out. To explore and develop characters. To explain backgrounds in detail. To really make the audience understand things. If you've seen the film then read the book you'll know what I'm talking about.

That's why I prefer this to the film. There's more of it. You can't help but be drawn into the story line. It's exciting, it's fun. It also has a darker side that gets explored. Scratch away the surface of kiddiness of this show and you'll see.

Why be restrained with only having what's in the book? Apart from spoiling the book it'll never look really good. They've made the story more politically correct by changing one character from male to female and having a main character female mouse so the cast isn't entirely male. But you get by that if you don't think much of that idea.

The underlying plot is really gripping as the rabbits find that new life on watership down isn't as safe as it seems. I won't explain in fear of spoiling the show but it's there.

As I said in the summary, there's a lack of good quality adventure stories that aren't just very very childish and bad. Maybe that's why Harry Potter is doing so well. This is childish as well, I know. After all it was made for children. It's good but some viewers may be thrown by its at first glance childishness.

I miss this kind of show.

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It isn't that bad it just seems that way because the style doesn't belong with Winnie the Pooh., 8 June 2006

The style doesn't belong but it works, somehow.

When this film was new and I was young I thought it was cheesy and spoilt Winnie the Pooh.

Now I'm older and am interested in things I've seen as a young child. I've dug out those old videos to see what sort of things I liked and hated back then (in case your wondering this was my brother's video that's why it's been left intact). I watched it and actually found myself laughing at those silly jokes and feeling quite emotional at Pooh's little song.

Also is it just me or did that tree look like a skull when Pooh looks at it from Owl's window? It's a fun film to watch when you want to look back to the past. It's nice to watch in the gloom of early evenings in winter when the house is empty and quiet. A relaxing film.

I did find bits of it still a little cheesy (I won't say what because I don't want to spoil the film).

It's not really exciting but it doesn't need to be.

The ending is a bit obvious if you can spell but who cares. You'll understand if you see the film.

It's worth seeing. It's both funny and sad and possibly a little creepy for kids (it's a good point). And it is quite amusing to see how the characters deal with life with no Christopher Robin.

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At first glance it seemed silly but now I think it's great., 20 January 2006

Picture the scene. Young teenager enters a video rental shop. Suddenly his eyes fall on the video "Batman of the future (as it's called in the UK) Rebirth a batman movie. First thought: "What the?" I thought I might as well try it. Used to watch the old animated series. When I first watched it I just didn't know what to make of it. A strange futuristic world and stuff. And the title sequence seemed well odd.

I didn't really think much of it then.

It was when I found out that it was part of a TV series I have to say that my curiosity got the better of me. After seeing several episodes I began to understand it more. It was more of a teenagey show when compared to the original cartoons yet good.

I don't know why but the show just grew on me. Just something about it made me want to watch it. I also like the references to the past series and seeing the old characters no longer young and answering the question I'm sure many have been asking: he can't stay batman forever so how will it all end? Well if you're a fan of the older cartoon series or the comics (which I've never read) I think you may not enjoy this show.

To the people who hate this show I just say "well I liked it, maybe you should give it a chance mainly because the different style takes a little getting used to."

King Kong (2005)
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Brilliant film but not without it's problems., 2 January 2006

Let's get the only problem that I saw with this film out of the way first.

Out of all the films that I have ever seen I have never known action scenes to drag. Heart pounding, white knuckle type, edge of seat scenes are all over this film. But. There is just too much of it. I must admit (sorry Mr. Jackson) that half way through the middle of the film, after seeing many many dinosaurs, giant bugs and of course King Kong himself, I was thinking basically "get on with it!!" Too much fantasy creatures killing people and the battle between Kong and the dinos just didn't seem to end. I personally believe that Peter Jackson drew the film out too long. I'm sorry that I had to say that.

It hurts to say it because it was such an amazing film but it had to be done.

But I'm pleased to say that the good points out number the bad. The characters were great including the comical director very funny. They did a great job in making you feel for King Kong, giving him a likable personality which you can't help but fall in love with.

The scene with the little girl was really eerie. Oooh that gave me the shivers. I won't say anymore to spoil the film.

I must say that I've never seen the original or older remake so I had no idea what to expect when arriving in that cinema. I was not disappointed and deeply impressed with the film as a whole. To be honest I was worried that the film would be a repeat of The Lord of The Rings but with a giant ape. Maybe I was not looking out hard enough but I saw little in the same style. There were Peter Jackson's good old panning over the set shots but that's good.

I will happily go and see it again.

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There is one word that could be used to sum up this film: nice., 14 October 2005

This film is just a pleasure on the eyes to watch. The number of amusing characters like the soots (those little friendly comical squeaking black balls of ash). The art style used was brilliant as well, including great backgrounds. The music it self was the part that makes the film, I say. The tune that plays when they are in the train is the best. But mainly the music is so calm and can make you feel very relaxed, it could even bring a tear to your eye if you're that sensitive. First time seeing it, it is quite scary especially at the beginning when the sun sets and after they are off the train. The story is great as well and not so weird as to confuse you. Although saying these things the film is fantasy and if you don't like fantasy, you won't like the film which is a shame as it is so very good. The main plot (family moving to new home father wants to take a look around is turned into a pig along with his wife, young daughter has to save the day) feels as though you've seen it being used somewhere before. But that doesn't matter as the rest of the film makes up for it. Children Will love it as well as adults. The amount of clever ideas used never seems to end as a world where anything can happen (not to sound cheesy or anything) and unlike films you get here, the fact that the weird things are left unexplained as to what they are or how they came to be get rid of boring scenes of characters trying to explain these things and taking up good film time. Forget the nead to ask: why? and just sit back watch one the best films you will ever see.

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An old classic almost lost., 14 October 2005

Being a child of... I forget, This show blew me away with what seemed great action and fx. Also who could forget dear old Bulk and Skull. Being older it still is fun to look back on and see how different it looks. It may look silly and cheap in the eyes of adults but to a child it just felt great. There wasn't much of a long plot going on which made it good as if you missed an episode it didn't matter, but saying that the zord changes were good and it made the show more interesting. When will people learn that a young child doesn't care much for plots, that has to wait for when they are a little older. Saddly when they made the zeo series, it would just never be the same. The new series tried too hard. Even as a child I never liked them. Maybe it was the new suits, I mean who designed them? And power rangers in space? It may have appealed to others but I think they should have stayed where they were. Simple enemies that would use the same techniques over and over. Make a monster that starts human size and then grow. And you knew that when they grow the show would almost be over. Oh and I must be dumb to forget the theme tune. I've check and they never made a slightly good theme tune again until this so call wild force series. This show was indeed a classic and I demand they stop making new ones and show the original again for the new generation.