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Solid companion piece to superior TV show, 26 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Messrs. Campbell & Gibson have tried valiantly, but the old proverb 'better to have tried and failed than not have tried at all' seems to apply.

Don't get me wrong. As a stand alone it is an entertaining, yet without foreknowledge somewhat confusing thriller, with a solid performance by Gibson. Edgy, tough and not shy to shed some blood.

But to me it feels like a summary of the TV show. Which in itself was at times somewhat confusing but moved at a more leisurely pace and had the wonderful Joe Don Baker as Jedburgh.

Ray Winstone more than fills the shoes of his forebear but it still would've been nice if good ole Joe had shown up for at least a cameo.

That said. Enjoy this movie, expect to and be entertained. But just as with 'State Of Play', please also get your hands on the original BBC series to see these stories played out more to the fullest.

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The Deceiver, 6 February 2010

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Based on the incident which started WW II (German officers dressing up as Polish border troops and causing an incident), this spy-thriller is quite entertaining.

Sam MacReady is played by Alan Howard (featured in Forsyth's book The Deceiver). It is the start of a series of films in which Howard is the instigator / motivator of the action.

It is true to the book, whilst not being an actual chapter of the work, which leads me to wonder whether this was an original screenplay, or whether the book came about later.

A shame this hasn't had a decent release on DVD yet. Region 2 that is.

Jumper (2008)
Don't Jump to conclusions..., 3 November 2008

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Always liked the poster-art, highly anticipated the movie, loved Liman's re-boot of Bourne...but then came this...

I still feel like I've watched a 88 minute trailer, a bit dizzy still.

What didn't work for me ? Hayden. Still in his Post-Anakin phase, appears even more wooden in this feature even when he's supposed to be jumping all over the planet.

I just couldn't connect to the movie, no discernible heart (wasted were Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Rooker & Diane Lane in my humble opinion).

Is it a total waste of your time ? No, it's a regular action flick, nothing more and nothing less with some great visuals but nothing more.

Having said that. As parting words...I've seen episodes of Quantum Leap which brought the message of teleportation more home to me than this one...

Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell have done this for a considarably less budget and far, far better.

Mr. Liman, better luck next time...

Icon (2005) (TV)
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Based loosely on Forsyth's bestseller., 14 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I actually liked the thing ! Set aside that it didn't ring true with the novel, I am well pleased to see another Forsyth adaptation. Whilst Swayze is still a bit wooden, he has that weary look of an old dog which is good for the part. And I found the casting of Joss Ackland inspired (liked him also as the Ambassador in 'The Hunt For Red October'). Bergin as a rip-off Stalin was very nice, though his fake accent sometimes made me gag. Another joy was the slick Jeff Fahey, love those old blue eyes.

Whilst it didn't follow the book, I still rate it as an enjoyable TV-movie. Nice production, a little soft, not that exciting, but still a very enjoyable watch. Don't beat it so hard.

Only one thing, Michael York as Sir Nigel Irvine ?. Since Austin Powers one can't take him seriously as head off SIS (which he in the book of Forsyth is). But he's still a fine character actor.

The whole thing made me weary for the days when Alan Howard played Sam MacReady in the movies about 'THE DECEIVER'. Wonder when they will be put on DVD (region 2 that is). If they are, please let me know.