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a QUALITY film that any baller will appreciate, 25 February 2006

An absolute all rounder. The cast, the plot, the basketball all come 2getha 4 an absolute stunner of a film. The Medina/Pollack influence is clear (Fresh Prince), the film offers a realistic portrayal of life in the hood.Wayans is on a mental one the entire film, while Leon gives a far more sombre, dark performance as the traumatised player who could have had it all.Tupac......Tupac is Tupac and it don't get any better (or realer) than that. The film has some slight issues regarding the love interest (Kyle's mom and Shep)which I don't feel is entirely necessary, but my girlfriend thought it was cute so the film has the potential to appeal to all.But it, rent it, watch it, steal it, borrow something to see this film and remember...."Recognise mother******!"

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Best Manga ever-if you get a chance watch this film-do it!!!!!!I honestly can't stress that enough.I don't even LIKE cartoons...but this!Whoa!, 20 October 2005

Its so deep,profound and overall accurate on everything it portrays.listen to Ryukens opening speech on the meaning of life-it sets the tone for the whole film.The music score rules-in a weird Japanese,experimental kind of way.Ken is so rock hard, yet pure of mind and full of perception.Rao is everything Ken is-with one fundamental flaw-he lacks humanity or as the film calls it perception. Best Line-Even Julia put up more of a fight than this,so did Ryuken, our dear,departed father.He's dead Ken,i KILLED HIM!That line makes Ken more angry than ever before.Why does Rao get him so worked up?Because now the final contest is at hand!