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So much promise, 11 April 2011

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Starts well, great soundtrack and packed full of quality actors. What more could you want? Sadly it's just too obvious and the ending is such a complete let down that you'll wish you hadn't bothered. Perhaps the writer and director don't watch films or even read books because if they did they would have realised that the chain of events that creates the films narrative has been done so many times before that it's become stale and fails to provide satisfaction. Another reviewer mentioned Layer Cake which basically has the same ending. i.e. marginal character kills main protagonist. Layer Cake can be forgiven in that there never was a substantial reason to kill or incapacitate the character. Here however, there was not only a reason but a clear opportunity to do so ... I'm guessing that they thought we'd think what a nice guy at heart Mitchel is. Sure killing a 16 year old murderer might have twinged his conscience but considering what he'd done to get the boys name the least he would have done is kneecap him. Of course doing so would have ruined the films contrived and pointless ending.