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A sci/fi romance comedy, 11 October 2005

This movie is a pleasure to watch. Its pace, storyline and characters keep the viewer involved. The premise is almost cliché, but this particular movie brings a humanistic/realistic aspect. This movie reminds me a lot of Mel Gibson's 'what women want.' However, with major differences. First and foremost its made in the UK. This means that none of the Hollywood producers were involved. As a result the movie is honest and realistic instead of fake and over-hyped. Secondly it brings something like ESP to an everyday level. In one scene the main character, while in the company of her boyfriend, reads a mans mind and doesn't like what she 'hears' so she slaps the man and walks away. Of course the man is dumbfounded, so her boyfriend shrugs his shoulders and calmly states 'she's got ESP.'