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Beautiful background for studying the Revolution, 3 January 2006

This is one of those Disney gems that should get some renewed attention. The song "The Sons of Liberty" is a modern invention but a very plausible-sounding one. Both the book and the film ignore Sam Adams' cousin John's involvement in Massachusetts colony politics (so not a fault solely of the movie.)

I would not recommend seeing this movie prior to reading the original book, because the cast of characters is greatly simplified for the movie and you may find yourself saying "Who's that?" if you wait to read the book until after seeing the film.

By the way, I think Revere's using a grease pencil and not a Magic Marker in the silver shop consultation.

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Freaky movie, 11 October 2005

As something of a student of film I knew I had to see this one, and I can't decide if I want to see it again or not. I had been under the impression that Dr. Strangelove was played by Kubrick himself until checking here,only to find out that the inimitable Peter Sellers of many thousand disguises had played him. Not a fan of George C. Scott in this one. Put yourself in the context of the sixties, when there was a real threat and real fear about nuclear war- bomb shelters, drills of diving under the desk, and the like, and imagine how this was received then. Certainly designed to scare and at the same time to point out the irrationality of the use of the bomb. Definitely one of the freakier experiences I've had!