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Waste of time!
3 June 2014
Have been a long time TPB fan and this movie is not worth watching. The opening and closing scenes are good, the rest is a live stage show with the actors only partially in TPB character. They stand on stage, play drinking games with audience members and sing Rush songs. It is not funny nor fun to watch. It is a sad waste of time and an obvious attempt for the team to make a quick buck. TPB: Please stick to making episodic television, which is where Bubbles and Ricky excel.

And perhaps Conky needs to return to every episode, movie and stage set?

I highly recommend the series, especially the first four seasons. Season 7 is laborious to watch as they try to introduce a bunch of new clichéd characters. Most of the humor has been reduced to jokes about bodily functions.
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Sons of Anarchy (2008–2014)
Overrated Show!! More like a daytime soap....
12 December 2013
This is a highly over-rated, over-acted show. It is very similar to a daytime soap opera in how plots move painfully slow, have too many angles and never seem to be resolved. The lead actors all have one expression for everything that occurs in their life....it has become sort of a running joke...the same stares and cadences and screen shots over and over and over and over....

The plots are repetitive and boring; predictable. I have viewed the first six seasons, in hopes it would get better...it does not. The characters never develop nor change in anyway. The idiotic plots continue.

The characters turn against anyone for any reason. They forgive the most insane and unreasonable acts of their "family" and enemies, yet begrudge and retaliate for insignificant slights. They are horrible criminals, too boot, which makes it difficult to care about the outcome. It is hard to root or care about such idiots. The writing is sophomoric, juvenile. It is as if the writers wrote it in high school right after learning about basic story writing mechanisms.

The saving grace of the show is the Katy Sagal. She deserves better than SoA but glad she is working at least.

Done with the show. None of the episodes are worth a second viewing and I definitely will not waste any more time watching the remaining seasons. Too bored to care what happens to any of them...
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Top of the Lake (2013– )
Sooooo disappointing.
10 June 2013
I held such high hopes for this series from Jane Campion, knowing it was to be set in New Zealand, a place of such beauty and rarity. Perhaps too much hope and that is why my disappointment feels so much greater.

Very poorly written, no emotional development, way too long. No beauty or rarity to be found. Acting is okay. The ending is obvious from the VERY beginning as are all the plot 'twists' and 'turns'. Nothing compelling or unexpected happens....ever.

Holly Hunter's character is underutilized. Her performance is the redeeming aspect of the drama series. If the story had been told from her point of view, with her outsider's eyes and paradigms, the series would have at least been interesting. Instead, "GJ" - Hunter's character - is relegated to a few minutes of each episode and has little to do with bringing the viewer closer to the story.

Poor Jane Campion, still searching for success since "The Piano", is not going to find it with this drab, disingenuous series. I forced myself to finish watching it simply to check it off my list.
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Warehouse 13 (2009–2014)
OMG, TV World, This is Crap!
25 March 2013
I LOVE campy, charming, unique, quirky shows. This is not one of them! Script is painfully over-acted by the two leads and the really moronic plot lines do not help.

Supporting cast is great. They have gotten me through first two seasons. But I can not sit through any more! I had such hope for this show as it held such promise to become a cult darling, but it is just not quirky enough nor is it good enough to be memorable. It is comparable to a really bad soap opera that is acted by robots - no emotion, no connections and definitely no chemistry between characters or with the audience.

Why oh why must shows like this survive and better quality shows be axed?
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Avatar (2009)
Time will tell....
22 May 2012
While it is a great leap in the technological process of moving making, Avatar is an extremely overrated movie. The plot is boring, predictable and a cliché. The same can be said of the acting, except for S.Weaver's work. She is the only one who brings a little humor and humanity to the entire movie. The movie length is way too long. 40 minutes could easily be cut out of the second half. We get it - the humans have lots of weapons. We get it - good will triumph over evil. Does it take almost three hours to retell the most used plot on our planet?

Time will prove that this movie is just an average movie in every way except box office receipts.
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