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The Epic movie is my favorite move genre, the moves I have listed here are some of the most powerful acting performances you will ever see! Along with some of the most emotional and compelling moves ever made! The list is sorted by U.S. release date, as I find it impossible to rate these movies from top to bottom.
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If your watching TV Shows not on this list then at best your being entertained, at worst you just don't get brilliant writing, acting, & directing! List includes only current TV Shows as of 12/12/14
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This list is not about acting performance's, it is more about a sensuous screen presence that holds the attention to the exclusion of all others so as to transfix
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You will not find romantic comedy's on this list. These movies will rip your heart out!
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A list of great movies and great acting with off the wall story lines that I consider "Hidden Gems" you may not have seen!
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Obviously movies that can be watched again and again are like a good book you just can't put down, Movies with outstanding stories and acting performances, movies that as I flip through the tv channels I stop everything and start watching even if the movie is half over! Here is my List, let me know if you agree or let me know some of your favorites.....comments are encouraged!
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These would be highly hyped and anticipated moves that turned out to disappointing! I did not like these movies, anyone agree? Let me know what you think!
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This is a list of actors for the most part who have had only one brilliant acting performance (and likely will never have another one again) in there career!
There is at least one exception to date on this list
Val Kilmer's (Doc Holiday & Jim Morrison)