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universal subject, 10 October 2005

I loved this movie for the subjects exposed in it. It speaks of freedom, integrity love for our selves and others, priorities and one nice look at a society changing towards individualism but never to far from mutual aid. the actors are terrific. Joe Pesci is simple and very transparent. Brendan Fraser is very good. Very smooth in his character's evolution during the movie. Moira Kelly, well beside the fact that she is very pretty. She plays an important grounding role. Patrick Dempsey, I never saw him much but this role was played perfectly. He plays the the kind very sensitives guy that does not take to much things seriously. And Josh Halmilton even though you probably wont like him at first he supports one feeling of wrongness trough the movie by not getting involved, fitting ones beliefs because thats Wat he was thought, and breaks down slowly trough the movie. Enjoy. This is the kind of movie you watch when you are down or that it is raining. It kind of makes things a little easier. Also see Dead poets society.