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Action movies want to be unique and memorable. One major action sequence type is the "Chase Scene", where we find the protagonist trying to escape. In these movies, a snowmobile was used either by the hero or in their pursuit.
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Movies that feature a heist with the robbers dressed in a disguise - this does not include a bandanna or ski mask. Arranged by best disguises - the more ridiculous, the better!
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I recently became a dad. It is amazing. Beyond the love and awesome feelings I have –and I use awesome because they truly inspire awe – I also feel lucky, like I get a second childhood. It is debatable that I ever left my first childhood, but a child gives the opportunity to experience first impressions, at least secondhand. Seeing something for the first time is unique, and I anticipate seeing my daughter’s reaction to many of my favorite experiences from my own childhood.

To be fair, my daughter is 6 months old now and I could be watching any rated R or TV-MA with her completely oblivious to what the pictures or spoken words mean. When she gets bigger and starts watching TV shows about how to count or spell, it will be close to the time when she will understand a story and identify with characters. My retro tendencies want to relive my childhood with every movie and every show I ever watched, but is that good enough for my daughter? She is named Rosalyn Marie, after two female scientists – Rosalind Franklin and Marie Curie – because my wife and I want her to feel like there are no limits to her dreams and girls can be more than princesses and damsels. My two favorite shows were Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters. Fun, kick-butt action and humor, but it doesn’t really fit with the message that girls are every much the heroes that boys are. Sure, April and Janine had their moments where they saved the day, but they were most often the ones needing saving. And shows like My Little Pony or Care Bears are less boy-oriented, but they still don’t have the female hero I would hope to expose my daughter to.

So here are the shows and movies I look forward to sharing with my daughter: