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Danny Phantom, 9 October 2005

Danny Phantom is a very good show. I am totally nuts over it myself, but thats my opinion. It's a show about a 14-going-on-15 boy, named Danny Fenton, who's parents are totally crazy over ghosts, and who's sister is a total nag (like Wanda). Even though his parents are the leading ghost hunters in the world, they fail to see that their own son is half ghost (after walking into his parents 'Fenton (yes, his parents put 'Fenton' in front of everything) Ghost Portal,' he becomes half ghost), but his sister Jazz knows, as well as every ghost in the ghost zone, and his two best friends Sam and Tucker. The whole show is about him fighting the ghosts. It's very action packed, and in two episodes Danny and Sam have a 'fake out make out.' It's a very good show! Created by Butch Hartman, the same guy who created Fairly Odd Parents.