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Don't bother and go see the stage performance, 16 January 2013

Review of the soundtrack of Les Misérables film form iTunes Les Misérables (Highlights From the Motion Picture Soundtrack)

As I have not seen the film I thought I would buy the soundtrack that is now on sale as a taster of things to come. I was quite excited and rather looking forward to this sound track and the seeing the film that we had all awaited for so long. After listening to this soundtrack I have to report the following, sadly.

Listening to the soundtrack is rather like spending a few hours at an all inclusive holiday at Auswitch concentration camp with all the joys that would bring one. It was simply dreadful.

It must have taken a great deal of care and effort to seemingly ruin one of the worlds greatest musicals by simply casting people with weak and utterly uninteresting singing voices that are totally unsuitable for the parts that we all love and cherish.

Hugh Jackman has a slightly pleasant singing voice in a smokey drunken karaoke way but possess a very weak voice that simply does not bring justice to the part of Jean Valjean and the stunning songs that he has throughout the story. Jackman does not it seem possess the power needed to pull of the songs we all know and love from the stage play. Just such a disappointment.

Russell Crowe, which did seem to be good casting, does manage to impart the feeling of menace to some degree but that is probably just his own character coming though but again, while slightly better than Jackman, does fail in expectation to the stunning songs that his character of Javert has throughout the play. Sounds like PC Plod humming to himself as he happily fits you up for some crime or another.

Anne Hathaway is dreadful in the extreme and manages to butcher every song she has performed and again is weak throughout. From listening to her I wold not care what happens to her just that it happened quickly so that it was over and done with.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter have managed to lose all the humor and warmth of their stage parts while managing to keep the dislike of their characters but for all the wrong reasons and their singing voices are utterly, utterly awful. Again powerful parts from the stage play ruined beyond all belief.

The only person that was it seems was any good was Eddie Redmayne and does a good job at his role of Marius.

With such expectation it was just so disappointing to hear the sound track and I would recommend that any one who wants to see Les Mis should see it in a theater where it seems this show belongs but not in a cinema where everything that this show had that made us all love it for so many years has been destroyed by Hollywood or who ever had the nerve to put this film out there. Save your money and avoid the film.

Sad, just so very sad