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i loved it!, 27 November 2010

THIS SHOW WILL GET YOU HIGH :) I saw this on comedy central really late one night, and it was so hilarious. Like the title suggests you will be rolling with laughter and you wont even need a recreational substance to help! If you like funny, smart and politically-incorrect humor then this is for you! Matt Besser keep up the good work i have been a huge fan of you ever since Crossballs the debate show. By the way when is this title coming out on video? I must see it again! If you don't like these kind of comedies then go watch the Notebook or Twilight! ha-ha just kidding but seriously this is good you won't be disappointed i promise

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The Greatest Way To Challenge Magicians..., 14 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I think this show is exactly what we need to get magicians to do new and better tricks! hooray for the masked magician... i will be watching this just like i did ten years ago when the masked magician began doing this. also the music on this show is perfect! Electronica and magic and mystery exposed! hope this show goes on for 'long time. Val Valentine u are brave to do this but its time for magicians to come up with new tricks so out with the old and in with the new. first episode show the secrets to flying, girl in empty box, guillotine head chop, penny through glass... and many more good ones... catch this if u can its going to be awesome