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Comedian (2002)
4 December 2017
This is a documentary which covers two stand up comedians; Jerry Seinfeld and Orny Adams. It shows just how difficult a job being a stand up comedian must be. You get to see some great comedians like Colin Quinn, Chris Rock, Bill Cosby and Garry Shandling. My only real criticism is that about 1/3 maybe even 1/2 of the documentary covers Orny Adams. I think they wanted to get a newer lesser known comic to contrast with the already well established Seinfeld. I think this was a mistake. I had no idea who Orny was. He really is not that funny and most importantly he is very unlikable. He is cocky, rude, insecure and already very angry and bitter. All of the stuff with Jerry and the other comics is great though. If you just fast forward all of the Orny parts it is a great documentary.
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25 November 2017
One of the best stoner films of all time. The characters have a very clear and simple objective. They need to find their car. They then have a bunch of wacky side adventures along the way. The film really does have everything. Lots of beautiful women and even more dumb jokes. This really was robbed at the Oscars.
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19 November 2017
The film covers Jim a lot more than Andy. It certainly makes an impact. They are both very complicated people and it becomes clear that if anyone was going to play Andy Kaufman it had to be Jim Carrey. He got about as close as anyone ever could.

In the interview sections Jim comes across charming and occasionally says some very profound and insightful things. The on set footage shows a very different person. He chose to approach the role as a hardcore method actor. Insisting on being called his characters names and never breaking character, even around Andy's family. Some of it is brutal and hard to watch. He is nothing short of an obnoxious, unhinged, tempormental nightmare. Especially when he plays Tony. There are many times when I feel sorry for the crew and his costars. Outside of the craft of acting there is a serious case to be made for Carrey being committed. He seems legitimately insane. That being said so did Andy and maybe Jim had to do that in order to temporarily become him.

The only fault I can identify with Jim's performance is that there was a sweetness about Andy and his funny antics. There is a dark anger in Jim which occasionally leaks out. Still I think Jim got as close as anyone could to capturing Andy.

My overall impression is that Andy Kaufman was a strange and beautiful performance artist. Jim Carrey is brilliant and troubled actor. I love watching his movies, but, I probably would not want to work with him.
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12 November 2017
It is so difficult to deliver a great ending. Even some great shows have failed to do this. Some get canceled before they should. Others outstay their welcome. Either way it makes it extremely difficult to craft a satisfying and organic ending. The creators deserve a lot of credit for doing this. They planned out the entire arc before they started and executed it perfectly. I love this show.
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The Sinner: Part VII (2017)
Season 1, Episode 7
Worth It
9 November 2017
I was not sure about this series at first. There were some things I liked and some things I did not. There were times when I did not know where the story was going. After watching this episode, I am glad I stuck with it. Some big questions get answered. Jessica Beil gives a great performance. You cannot take your eyes off her. I look forward to watching the last episode.
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Vice Principals: Venetian Nights (2017)
Season 2, Episode 8
Holy $hit
6 November 2017
This was a really great episode. Under slightly different circumstances this could even have worked as the last episode. I think there are still some loose threads which need to be resolved and I expect a plot twist or two. Without giving any spoilers, I think it was Ray, but, I am not sure why. This really is a great show. It is very underrated. I look forward to the last episodes.
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Mindhunter (2017– )
Mind hunter Review
1 November 2017
I really enjoyed this show. It is probably not for everyone, but, I imagine the people who do like it really like it. The show is about the origins of criminal profiling. The main characters interview various criminals in an effort to try and understand their motivations. These interviews are by far the best part of the show. I also like the almost buddy cop relationship the main characters have. The love story and family lives they have are not as strong. This doesn't matter much though. It reminds me of True Detective season 1. It is a really cool show and I hope they make a season two.
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South Park: Sons A Witches (2017)
Season 21, Episode 6
Change the W back to a B
27 October 2017
I hate writing these bad reviews. I used to love South Park. I recently rewatched seasons 6 - 10 and it is consistently hilarious. The creators seem to have disappeared completely up their own asses. I didn't laugh once this entire episode. I used to sometimes have to pause an episode because it was so funny. It used to be kind of rough around the edges and it didn't always make sense. That was why it was funny. Now it is slick and polished with multilayered metaphors and complex social and political satire. It also isn't remotely funny. I really wish they would quit doing this. The people who say this is a good episode are either just haven't seen the show when it was actually good. Don't waste your time. Get one of the earlier seasons instead. They were actually funny.
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The Larry Sanders Show (1992–1998)
24 October 2017
In my opinion 'The Larry Sanders Show' is the greatest TV show of all time. People talk a lot about Game Of Thrones, The Wire, Breaking Bad and The Sopranos. Those are all fine shows, but, they are not what I want to watch when I am depressed. The Larry Sanders Show is like an old friend who can cheer me up at any time. It redefined what a Sit Com could be. It has been frequently imitated, but, has never been surpassed. Garry Shandling was a comedy genius and the Larry Sanders Show was his magnum opus.
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The Walking Dead: Mercy (2017)
Season 8, Episode 1
The Walking Bed
22 October 2017
This episode is okay. If you compare it to how the Walking Dead has been these past few years. This episode covers all main characters (however briefly) and there are a lot of zombies, gun fire and explosions. This is all good stuff.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of problems with the show. I find that a real shame, because, even now the show has so much potential. A cool premise. Post apocalyptic zombie carnage. Check. Some cool characters. Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Michone. Morgan, Check. A charismatic villain. Negan. Check. A good setting. The countryside in Georgia.

I cannot fault the acting, the special effects, the visuals or the music. The writing is the root of all the shows problems. I wish I could kick Scott Gimple squarly in his nuts. Hard. He has gradually ruined a once great show. He must be stopped.

It might benefit from cutting the season lengths in half. These past few seasons have had way too many standalone episodes, based on secondary characters. They end up being really boring and really kill momentum. When you set up questions in one episode that only gets answered literally a month later, you just don't care as much. It is also a real kick in the face when none of your favourite characters are in a new episode. They clearly struggle to write 16 episodes a season. S just don't do it. I'd rather have 8 strong episodes a season focusing on the main story than 16 episodes of hit or miss filler and unnecessary detours.

The other main problem is directly connected to the last one. There are now WAY too many characters. I also think so far they have killed off too many of the wrong ones. I will do this without any spoilers. I understand that killing off a major character in a cool way every so often can be very effective and so I don't mind this if it is done right. But, if this is going to work it needs to be done sparingly in the right way and at the right time. Most importantly the void created by their death needs to be filled by a cool new characters. They are not doing this. They have settled for quantity of characters instead of quality. I would genuinely feel nothing if half of the secondary characters were killed. The show is at it's best when you know every characters name and a bit of their personality / back story. They already have a cool group. They just need to spend time filling in the gaps with equally cool characters.

The story telling style should be simple. This is a show about zombies. It does not need artsy dream sequences. The zombies are trying to kill them. Other groups of people are trying to kill them. Our bad ass groups does what they have to to survive. Done. It also works better when they are on the road. A long term stable secure home like Alexandria kills the tension. The plot should also head towards a proper ending. Are they not even trying to stop the Zombies anymore? Either, let everyone die and the Zombies take over Planet Of The Apes style. Or, let them figure out a virus like Eugene said that kills only the zombies. Spreads and wipes them all out, then the survivors rebuild the world. I'd prefer the happy one. But, to just have them all fighting each other all the time without any long term plan just feels kind of pointless.

On the whole, they should just give me the showrunner job. I promise you all would not regret it. I'd basically just do almost everything exactly the way it is in the comics. Mix in some classic horror film references every so often. For instance, imagine a Texas chainsaw massacre type character who starts to terrorise people at night. Cutting people up with his chainsaw with lots of fire. He is never explained or revealed and he kills both sides people. Have another soldier with a gas mask thing and a big machine gun. There would also be a guy in a bunny rabbit mascot suit who steals Daryl's food and so Daryl spends an episode hunting him down. A big hilarious meta joke. The whole show would have cool character, cool plot lines, lots of awesome violence and eventually a very satisfying and rewarding happy ending. So that is why it is so sad. If the writing was better this could still be an awesome show. Sadly it isn't, so it kind of sucks. Sad face :(
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